SuperMap iDesktop 7C(2015) has been released

06 Jan,2015

SuperMap iDesktop 7C(2015) has been released. We appreciate your time invested in trying our products, waiting for comments and feedback.
SuperMap iDesktop 7C(2015) is a desktop plug-in GIS platform, which provides three versions including enterprise, advanced and standard. It contains complete GIS functionalities, such as data processing, mapping, analyzing of 2D & 3D integration. In addition, it also supports accessing online data, publishing data services to web server, extension development based on .NET framework and quick application customization.

Vector: Support Excel, E00, FileGDB and TelecomTEXT
Raster: Support SID, USGDEM/GBDEM, BSQ, BIP and BIL
Model: Support DirectX, ELT, LIDAR, and DXF model file

Point cloud data/radar data

Layer Group: manage layers through folder; can be used two or more layers; whether to visible by batch settings; visible scale can be batch set; more batch.
Diagnose map browsing performance: Find out the cause; query and render time can be displayed; map is associated with layers.

Layer Group

3D network analysis

3D spatial analysis

Extract isoline

Extract skyline

Viewshed analysis

Output 2.5D image data


How to get the new version?
The following products are included in this version:
SuperMap iDesktop 7C(2015)(32bit)
SuperMap iDesktop 7C(2015)(64bit)

For trial, please contact our sales team.

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