iMapEditor 7C (Bin package) has been released

10 Oct,2014
lt;p>iMapEditor 7C is a 2D and 3D mapping software which supports data processing and mapping of 2D & 3D and allows users to browse online map services and publish data services to web servers.


1. Friendly Flat Ribbon style UI

-Latest flat Ribbon style interface brings users good experience and reduces visual fatigue.
-Professional icons are easier to be identified.
-Newly designed flat Ribbon style interface enhances work efficiency.

SuperMap iMapEditor 7C Icons

iMapEditor 7C Splash Screen

2. Splendid 2D & 3D Mapping Functions

-Easy-to-use symbol editor provides predefined symbols and allows users to make special symbols of various industries according to their needs
-Various thematic mapping modes are provided for representing beautiful and professional maps
-Massive data including terrain, image and model data can be browsed in 3D scene with high performance
-Various 2D & 3D map properties can be set to achieve different map effects

Rapid Modelling Effect

World Map

3. Enhanced 3D Effects and Performance

-Massive 3D data are allowed to be browsed and edited with high performance
-Many kinds of particle effects such as rain, snow, firework, and fountain, etc. are supported. Moreover, users are allowed to open sun effect and water surface effect

Fountain and Water Surface Effect

4. Powerful Data Processing Ability

-Various data formats are supported to be imported
-Various object drawing and editing tools are provided for quickly editing data
-Various data processing tools such as projection transformation, index creation and image pyramid are supported

5. Abundant Sharing Solutions

-Maps are allowed to be published as various services such as REST services, OGC services
-Mainstream online map services such as OpenStreetMap, OGC services are allowed to be accessed as the background map to reduce data cost

2D & 3D Maps Publishing

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