SuperMap iMobile 7C for iOS has been released

21 Aug,2014

SuperMap iMobile 7C is a professional mobile GIS development platform. It supports developing online and offline mobile GIS applications on Android and IOS smart mobile terminals.  

1. Complete GIS Functions
-This professional full-featured mobile GIS development platform provides the professional mobile GIS application functions, such as map operations, data collection, drawing and editing, spatial analysis, path navigation and so on.  
-The mobile GIS applications based on this platform can provide multi-source map combination and thematic data browsing, spatial information query and analysis, terminal data collection, editing and management. It can also display and monitoring the dynamic data efficiently.  
2. Powerful Offline Data Applications
-Supports for accessing online data and local data that are on mobile devices, building a real mobile GIS application; It reduces internet dependence and saves network flow to get stable and smooth application experience.  
-When using the local map data, you can adopt multiple data formats, such as vector data, image and tiles cache for different scenes and data conditions. Local vector and CAD data can be used to query, edit, and analyze offline by the application; Image and tile data can overlay with, vector data or service data as base maps.
3. Convenient Online Service Access 
-Supports accessing map services, data services and functionality services published by SuperMap server product and SuperMap Cloud rapidly. It combines the online services and offline functions, extending the data sources and function range of mobile terminals.  
-You can rapidly customize the data interaction and synchronization among mobile , server and other terminals, which can meet the needs of applications for information interaction. Open map services, such as OGC services, Tianditu services, GoogleMaps and others.  
4. Professional Spatial Analysis  
-Provides complete GIS analysis functions. Based on local and service data, it provides buffer analysis, overlay analysis, road network analysis, pipelines analysis, and other functions built on real-time information on data mining and processing.
5. Rich Dynamic Thematic Mapping  
-Provides the function to render the thematic maps on terminals according to the real-time data. It can display the thematic information dynamically according to terminal needs and data changes to take advantage of the instant effects of mobile applications.

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