SuperMap iObjects .NET 7C has been released

30 Jun,2014

SuperMap iObjects .NET 7C has been released. We appreciate your time invested in trying our products, waiting for comments and feedback.

SuperMap iObjects .NET 7C is a component GIS development platform based on 2D and 3D integration, high performance and cross-platform. Powerful functionalities and convenient developmentmethods are provided for easily building the universal platform and business application systems based on geospatial information.


1. Complete SDX+ Data Engine

-Supports GoogleMaps, SuperMapCloud, iServerREST map services, OpenStreetMap, Baidu map services and provides OGC standard services to expand data sources

-Supports a variety of large-scale relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2, etc. Users can enjoy the high efficiency of data management

-Built-in cross-platform UDB file relational data, meeting the requirements of lightweight applications

-Supports expanding the access range of data formats through OGDC standard interfaces

-Uses the Unicode technology to satisfy the international applications’ requirements


2. Complete Data Processing

-Supports importing multiple types of vector data, such as telecom data, Shapefiles,AutoCAD, etc

-Supports importing multiple types of raster data, such as Erdas Image, Tiff/GeoTIFF, ESRI GRID, etc

-Multiband images can be managed and mosaic without data entry

-Completes 2D and 3D caching system, which can seamlessly integrate current mainstream network map services and allow 2D and 3D to use the same copy of cache files


3. Comprehensive Symbol Solution

-Efficient and easy-to-use symbol making and management controls focusing on efficiency and convenience to enhance user experience

-Users can manage and display 2D and 3D symbols uniformly

-Symbol Selector supports simultaneously loading more symbol libraries, which is convenient for users to browse and apply symbol resources in a wider range

-Supports gradient effects of marker symbols and translucent raster symbols, which can enhance the beauty of map

-Provides the powerful color manager, which can manage colors in groups and import colors rapidly.

-Supports for hydrology analysis, which can help users to solve some practical problems. For example, users can build the vector watershed model based on DEM, which can help them solve problems such as locating the source of pollution, and runoff change, etc.


4. Strong Map Visualization and Interoperation

-Displays and operates on large-volume data with high performance

-Wonderful map displaying focused on details, such as small-size label optimization and cross optimization

-Supports exporting map to multiple formats. Users can export maps into many formats or large-size maps

-Supports the settings of avoidance and overlap., which can ensure objects in map unit area display evenly and balance the map display objects density

-Image data supports a variety of stretching mode, which can provides more display effects


5. Useful Layout and Printing Functions

-Supports exporting and printing oversized image with large data amount, which can satisfy the requirements of land and emergency command applications

-Uses the same geometry model with maps, which enriches the layout contents and improves the layout flexibility

6. Innovative Application Fields

-GIS applications involved in marine surveying and mapping field fully support the storage, display, editing, checking and publishing of nautical chart data

-Provides the conversion function of nautical charts based on IHO S-57 Transfer Standards for Digital Hydrographic Data

-Displays nautical charts based on IHO S-52 Specifications for Chart Content and Display Aspects of ECDIS

-Provides the functions of nautical chart editing and IHO S-58 data checking, which can assist in producing nautical chart data

-Provides the functions of integrated displaying and storing of Ocean and Land, displaying and publishing the Realspace nautical charts.


7. Professional and Powerful Spatial Analysis Functions

-Provides high-performance parallel computing, decreasing the analysis time and promoting the analysis performance

-Supports the spatial query based on location and attributes, which helps users locate the information required accurately and efficiently; Diversified buffer analysis functions meet the diverse needs of the users

-Multiple kinds of network analysis functionality, including traffic network analysis and utility network analysis. Network analysis can be used in multiple fields, such as public transport, logistics transportation and pipeline network, etc

How to get the new version?     

The following products are included in this version:     

  • SuperMap iObjects .NET 7C(Windows 32bit) (V7.0.0)                 
  • SuperMap iObjects .NET 7C(Windows 64bit) (V7.0.0)          

    For trial, please contact our sales team.   

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