The Engineering Digital Intelligent Center

12 Feb,2020

The engineering digital intelligent center is divided into three parts: project space design, intelligent hardware construction, and software system construction.It has created smart scenes that integrate a variety of IoT technologies such as sound, light, air conditioning, voice, screen, and face recognition, as well as APPs. The smart scenes use a global advanced desktop interaction system, a stable and cool OLED full transparent operation screen, and provides a visual presentation solution. At the same time, it also adopts the "cloud desktop method" to provide a more convenient and lightweight system operation experience for the center. It is led by command and control technology and information technology, and the operation and management data of the whole process of the project is the core to help achieve the comprehensive aggregation of project site data, the comprehensive insights on management and control of early warning indicators, the comprehensive drilling of management and control data, and the comprehensive construction of the company's digital twins. It can not only create smart building scene applications for enterprises and institutions, but also provide project management application command products that integrate early warning, emergency treatment, video, and conference for project owners and construction units.

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