The BIM+GIS Engineering Progress Management Platform

02 Sept,2019

The engineering progress management platform integrates Internet+ Technologies, such as BIM + GIS. It can be applied to the dynamic management of various large-scale building complexes and large-scale parks or zones, for instance, the Shanghai Qiantan International Business District. The platform can accurately reflect important engineering information, such as the overall appearance, construction progress of the project, 4D simulation of project schedule, remaining workload, and the differences in engineering plans, which can provide visual, digital, and instant progress management coordination systems for project managers.

This platform can be applied in the fields of construction project and other projects. It is the expression of the BIM and GIS technologies, which can provide a management tool of new digitalization, visualization and quantification, also promote the engineering management from traditional, micro management methods to modern, intelligent and macro management.

With the wide use of BIM technology, the system related to BIM+GIS can be widely applied to the field of “smart”. Therefore, no matter in China or in other countries, the platform will have a broad market prospect and will show rapid growth in the following years. With the improvement of BIM technology and standards, and the continuous integration of BIM and new technologies, it is believed that BIM technology will play a transformative role in construction.

The economic and social benefits of BIM+GIS:

1. Based on the GIS and BIM engineering progress management platform, the digital, visual, and quantifiable management tools can be provided to enable the acquisition of the dynamics of the project and the in-time response of project participants.

2. The platform can promote the engineering management from traditional, micro and decentralized management methods to modern, intelligent and intensive management methods, which can greatly improve the management efficiency and the pertinence and effectiveness of project management.

3. The platform also can realize the interconnection of information and the interaction of data to share multiple lines, cross-departmental collaboration and dynamic management of the project.

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