SuperMap iObjects Java

It is a large-scale full-component GIS development platform, providing cross-platform, 2D and 3D integration capabilities. It is suitable for Java development environment.

SuperMap iObjects C++

It is a large-scale full-component GIS development platform, providing cross-platform, 2D and 3D integration capabilities. It is suitable for C++ development environment.

SuperMap iObjects .NET

It is a large-scale full-component GIS development platform, providing 2D and 3D integration capabilities. It is suitable for .NET development environment.

SuperMap iObjects Python

It is a convenient GIS script language pack and provides data organization, transformation, processing and analysis. It is suitable for Python development environment.


Data processing

  • Supports vector data processing methods of smooth, resampling, clipping, geospatial connection, integration, etc.
  • Supports vector topology operations of topology processing, topology checking, topology faceting, etc.
  • Supports raster data processing methods of vector and raster conversion, resampling, algebraic operation, reclassification, etc.
  • New function of raster data processing of majority filter, expansion, contraction, cannibalization, regional grouping, boundary cleaning, thinning, etc.


  • New capability of thematic map making.
  • Provides plentiful raster layer color table, and supports custom color table, transparent color, etc.

Geospatial analysis

  • New 2D grid and 3D grid analysis module.
  • New address matching module.
  • New function of hydrological analysis and collection point catchment.
  • New function of trajectory analysis, including trajectory preprocessing, map matching based on HMM, etc.
  • New function of map simulation, including cellular automaton based on artificial neural network and principal component analysis

Geospatial statistic analysis

  • Supports geospatial general characteristics analysis of geospatial autocorrelation, geospatial stratification heterogeneity, etc.
  • Supports geospatial interpolation methods of Kernel density, inverse distance weighting, Kriging, etc.
  • Supports geospatial pattern explorations of geospatial point pattern, geospatial hotspot, etc.
  • New function of geospatial sampling and statistical inference of SPA, B-SHADE, etc.
  • Supports Least square regression, geographically weighted regression and other geospatial regression algorithms.

Supports the complete workflow of image analysis based on deep learning

  • Supports image analysis sample data production.
  • Supports image analysis model training.
  • Supports image analysis model reasoning.
  • New function of analysis model evaluation.

Machine learning

  • Supports image data analysis, including binary classification, target detection, scene classification, ground objects classification, objects extraction, etc.
  • New function of iamge data analysis, including target detection, image classification, etc.
  • New function of spatio-temporal regression analysis.

SuperMap iObjects for Spark

It is a big data GIS platform component based on distributed technology. It provides various big data distributed management and analysis functions, and it is suitable for Spark development environment.


Distributed data storage

  • New function of loading raster data in GeoTiff and img format which supports plug-in tfw.
  • New function of using mosaic dataset as data source of distributed raster data.
  • Supports HBase, Elasticsearch, HDFS and DFS distributed storage and management.

Distributed geospatial analysis

  • Optimizes trajectory related analysis algorithm of trajectory preprocessing, residing analysis.
  • New function of raster value statistic.
  • New simplification and smoothing processing of line and polygon data set.
  • New function of vector data rasterize.

Distributed geospatial machine learning operators

  • Supports distributed geospatial density clustering.
  • Supports distributed generalized linear regression.
  • Supports the classification and regression based on forest.

Distributed streaming data processing

  • Supports access to multi-transport protocols of streaming data.
  • Supports the real time processing algorithms of multiple streaming data.
  • Supports push processing results to Elasticsearch database, as well as updating and appending.
  • Supports SuperMap iServer configuration processing progress.

SuperMap iObjects for Blockchain

It is a blockchain GIS platform component based on distributed technology. It provides geospatial data on chain and management on chain, and it is suitable for the development and computing environment of Fabric architecture.


Blockchain geospatial data storage

  • Supports joint storage of Fabric and IPFS.
  • New function of point, line and polygon data on chain.
  • New function of text, image and video data on chain.

Blockchain geospatial data management

  • Supports attribute and geospatial query of blockchain geospatial data.
  • Supports blockchain geospatial data editing.
  • Supports blockchain geospatial data thematic map.
  • Supports history tracing of blockchain geospatial data.
  • Supports channel, member, organization and certificate management of Fabric.


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