Smart Landscape Garden Maintenance and Management Information Platform

22 Jul,2022 388

The growing economy has resulted in the continuous expansion of cities. The urban greening work of landscape gardens is also experiencing a transformation. An upgrade in the supervision of landscape garden maintenance and management work is essential to city management.

The Smart Landscape Garden Maintenance and Management Information Platform is a comprehensive platform integrating hardware, network, communication, Internet of Things, Internet, GPS, GIS, big data, and cloud computing technologies. This platform is developed based on the SuperMap GIS. Its development concept is: Relying on five technical means (GPS, GIS, Internet, Database, Internet of Things) to create an “intelligent, visual, and process-oriented” information platform.


1. Greenland Information System

The drone surveying technology is used in this system to obtain HD 2D images of green spaces. The oblique photography technology is adapted to generate 3D models and HD 3D images. The information of green space grids is marked into HD 2D images to display green space information on the platform.

2. Event Management System

A mobile APP is developed for daily supervision and management. It visualizes the report, disposal, and check of unusual events.

3. Evaluation System

Regulators of the government departments can randomly obtain information on maintenance and management progress. A grading result of different companies' work on maintenance and management is formed for regulators’ reference.

4. Internet of Things System

With the temperature and humidity sensors, electrical conductivity, and soil salinity sensors set up in green belts, the platform can display information such as soil temperature, humidity, and fertility in real time. It can pre-set upper and lower thresholds. When the sensor value is lower than or higher than the set threshold, the platform automatically sends out alarm information to prompt relevant personnel to deal with it in time. The platform also provides an interface for connecting video surveillance probes, providing real-time surveillance images of greening facilities and green space conditions.

In the future, the extended application can also remotely control the opening and closing of the sprinkler irrigation system, monitor diseases and insect pests, etc.

5. Application&Approval System

The platform supports application material uploading, tree transplant approval, green space occupation approval, tree pruning, felling approval, etc. It cuts down on the time of application and approval of both the public and the government.

6. Other extended functions

As a supplement to this platform, a WeChat public account (a public profile) is created to publish landscaping work dynamics, popularize landscaping knowledge, collect people's feedback and suggestions, and form a positive interaction with citizens to build a co-management mechanism.

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