Dituhui (Map-Intelligence) Assisting Household Appliance Industry in Smart order Dispatch

19 Oct,2021

Dituhui (Map-Intelligence), a subsidiary of SuperMap, is dedicated to providing intelligent map services to enterprises. In this article, we will explore how the Dituhui platform assists household and appliance companies in smart dispatch, and thus improve companies’ competitiveness through three cases.

Case 1

The network management function lying in the Dituhui platform can visualize the after-sales outlets across the country on the map. The geographic information service automatic dispatch system can make a quick response to the maintenance and repair needs of customers and dispatch the service staff automatically.

After-sales outlets distribution map (partial)

During e-commerce carnivals such as “Double 11” in China, Dituhui would provide dedicated services. This platform would expand the service resources in advance according to the order quantity, and increase the concurrency of order analysis, speed up the order analysis to ensure the swift operation of orders and avoid the redundancy of orders. Meanwhile, the real-time resolution of the order address and quantity allows the management of the company to see the order distribution in real time, and provides a reference for the company's forthcoming marketing layout and decision-making.


"Double 11" 0-24h interface service frequency histogram


Case 2

A high-end kitchenware brand has been employing the Dituhui platform in after-sales installation and dispatching orders for three years. Dituhui, as the brand’s order dispatch service provider, continuously monitors and analyzes its after-sales orders, and adjusts service resources in real time to ensure efficient, accurate and steady order distribution, and swiftly complete after-sales distribution to improve customer satisfaction. 

Order quantity statistics grid map

At the same time, the Dituhui platform would render and generate a thermodynamic chart according to the order quantity. The order density is visually displayed on the map. Red represents the order-intensive area, followed by green and blue. The darker the color, the higher the density, and the larger the order quantity.


Order quantity distribution thermodynamic chart

Case 3

There are a large number of customer orders and after-sales work orders every day. Through the high-performance order dividing algorithm, after we enter the order address, the work order is matched to a certain business division layer and corresponding technicians, and a certain technician or several technicians will be designated. Besides, the order is divided by judging the current duty status of technicians.

After receiving the order, the technician arrives at the customer's home and signs in according to the resolved coordinates. The technician can sign in as long as he or she is within a certain distance around the customer, which allows the management personnel to check.


Address resolution and order division

At the same time, this platform continuously monitors and analyzes the after-sales order situation, adjusts service resources in real time and quickly completes after-sales service work.

Order data histogram


Order data Nightingale rose diagram

Many well-known household appliance brands have utilized the Dituhui platform in intelligent distribution management and after-sales service. This platform could effectively improve customer satisfaction, promote enterprise competitiveness, and bring economic and brand advantages to these firms.

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