Transportation Information Modeling Platform: Smarter Transportation, Easier Commute

09 Aug,2022 44

In 2020, Zhejiang Institute of Communications Co., Ltd. first proposed the concept of building a “TIM (Transportation Information Modeling) Platform”, a comprehensive intelligent transportation platform for the full cycle of “planning, construction, maintenance, and operation” of transportation infrastructure. The TIM Platform can accurately reflect the traffic status, gain insight into the traffic operation law, and simulate the future trend of traffic.


Traffic infrastructure digital base based on smart holographic perception

Supported by the holographic perception technology, the platform can realize multi-source data fusion of traffic information such as people, vehicles, roads, environment and ships, ports, goods, and logistics, to obtain more diverse and more accurate traffic information.

On the digital base, equipped with the SuperMap cloud native GIS platform, based on lightweight and efficient processing technology and micro-service technology, the platform can implement the support and sharing of large-scale 2D and 3D geographic information models and BIM models, and it can transfer the full information of the 3D digital model to the construction, maintenance, and operation. In addition, the platform conducts in-depth application research on forwarding design technologies such as GIS, 3D scanning, and BIM, and combines the spatiotemporal data of the whole process of construction, maintenance, and operation, business thematic data, and interactive scene technologies. The transportation infrastructure goes digital both in time and space, which realizes digital twin simulation of all elements of transportation infrastructure, dynamic restoration of traffic scenes, and two-way communication and interaction of digital twin parallel world data.


Transportation full information 3D model

The platform sorts out the entire process of transportation infrastructure, establishes standard data formats, builds data centers, breaks through data barriers in construction, management, maintenance, and operation, and realizes differential privacy, homomorphic encryption, and secure multi-party computing for data. Through unified coding, data information in the stages of construction, maintenance, and operation are automatically loaded and refined, and data collection, interaction, calculation, and analysis are implemented on the TIM platform.


Multi-scenario application of traffic based on the TIM platform

In the field of engineering construction, the platform uses digitization to improve the competitiveness of the engineering industry, applies BIM technology, and promotes digital-driven integrated collaborative decision-making in the entire life cycle of projects, to implement professional engineering collaboration, project construction management, smart site construction, and structures’ health and safety, management of monitoring facilities, comprehensive traffic maintenance management, etc.

In the field of industry management, the platform supports the analysis of scientific decision-making, improves emergency response speed and decision-making command capabilities, and provides multi-dimensional smart services including planning, maintenance, transportation, law enforcement, waterways, emergency response, government governance, and public services. At the same time, the platform reduces the cost of the whole life cycle and improves the quality.

In the field of public services, the platform provides travelers with smarter travel route recommendations and more convenient traffic information services, and connects to relevant data from high-precision maps, laying the foundation for scenarios such as precise navigation and collaborative autonomous driving. Through the digital intelligent monitoring sensor network of traffic infrastructure, the platform can monitor dynamically and warn early.

Application of TIM platform in different scenarios

Author: Zhang Lin, Zhejiang Institute of Communications Co., Ltd.

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