SuperMap iServer Java 6R for Windows Released

10 Aug,2011

On 10th August, 2011, SuperMap released SuperMap iServer Java 6R for Windows (English version).

SuperMap iServer Java 6R is a Service GIS platform product. It offers GIS capabilities in the service way. It is the service platform for geographic spatial information (data), for the GIS capabilities, and for the aggregation and integration of GIS services. As a Service GIS product, SuperMap iServer supports SOA. With the support for various SOA specifications and spatial information service standards, SuperMap iServer can be used in various SOA architectures, and seamlessly integrated with other homogeneous IT business systems, making developers quickly build agile application systems.

As a newly released product, SuperMap iServer Java 6R is characterized by the following features:

● Universal technology lays foundation for platform crossing.
● Fully SOA-based architecture facilitates integration and extension.
● Support for various operating systems, like Windows, Linux, IBM AIX.
● Open service architecture meets developers' requirements at any level.
● Flexible enterprise system deployment.
● Extensive GIS capabilities provided as services are allowed to be accessed with permissions.
● GIS services are based on network. Various distributed technologies can work together.
● Loosely coupled services. Business systems compliant with other standards are allowed to be integrated.
● Support for seamless integration of services from multiple sources.
● Distributed multi-level spatial service cluster improves performance by integrating sources from multiple servers.
● Broad application development environments, like Java, .NET, AJAX, Flex, Silverlight, etc.
● Support for publishing Realspace services, Realspace terminals, and 2D and 3D integrated applications.

The gorgeous contents which have been listed above are just a small part of SuperMap iServer Java 6R. If you would like to receive more information as well as advantages about SuperMap iServer Java 6R, please go to website In order to get the fully functional 60-day free trial license, you need to download the software installation package and SuperMap License Manager from first, and then, contact our support team to get your trial.

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