SuperMap GIS is a complete integration of a series of GIS platform software, including Desktop GIS, Service GIS, Component GIS and Mobile GIS, which delivers GIS capabilities to all types of computers, including Desktop PCs, Servers and Mobile devices. It fulfills the needs for managing, visualizing and analyzing spatial data, serving them out via the Web, and customizing all kinds of GIS applications that best fit the customers¡¯ business needs.

SuperMap GIS includes the following products:

Service GIS
- Development Platform for Customizing Web GIS Applications
-SuperMap iServer Java Java Based Enterprise Service GIS
-SuperMap IS .NET .NET Based Enterprise Service GIS
-SuperMap iClient  Web SDKs for customizing Rich Internet GIS Applications

Component GIS
- Platform for Customizing Desktop GIS Applications
 -SuperMap Objects  COM-based Component GIS
 -SuperMap Objects .NET  Pure .NET Component GIS
 -SuperMap Objects Java  Pure Java Component GIS

Desktop GIS
- Professional and Ready-to-Use GIS Clients
 -SuperMap Deskpro  Professional and All-in-one Desktop GIS
 -SuperMap Express  Professional GIS Data Authoring Desktop GIS
 -SuperMap Viewer   Free GIS Data Viewing Desktop GIS
 -SuperMap Desktop .NET  New Generation .NET based Desktop GIS

Mobile GIS
- GIS secially Designed for Mobile Devices
 -eSuperMap   General Mobile GIS Development Platform
 -SNE  Navigation Application Development Platform
 -SuperMap FieldMapper  Desktop GIS Special for Mobile Devices

SuperMap GIS 6R Products

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