SuperMap Desktop .NET 6R Released

04 Apr,2011

SuperMap (SuperMap Software Co., Ltd.) has released SuperMap GIS 6R Desktop products (English version) on 28th March, 2011, which are plugin GIS applications, constructed based on SuperMap Objects .NET 6R, desktop core library and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, coming in three levels: SuperMap Viewer .NET 6R, SuperMap Express .NET 6R and SuperMap Deskpro .NET 6R.

SuperMap Viewer .NET 6R supports data loading and browsing, mapping, layouting, and printing functions. Besides, all the functions which are provided in SuperMap Viewer .NET 6R, SuperMap Express .NET 6R supports data editing and processing, which can satisfy your professional needs from data acquisition, data editing to map export.

Regarding the features of SuperMap Deskpro .NET 6R, besides the highly stable characteristic, it employs Ribbon-style user interface, as well, in order to faster your commands searching time. What's more, a large amount of commands were also provided within the context menus, which makes Deskpro .NET 6R known as an Easy-to-use plugin GIS applications. Various templates have also been offered by SuperMap in our Deskpro .NET 6R product for the users to select, moreover, users can also design their own template, which largely enhances efficiency. In the meantime, all functions are integrated into the main framework of SuperMap Deskpro .NET 6R through plugins. Finally, all the development related to customization and extension can be performed based on the basic framework.

SuperMap Deskpro .NET 6R could assist you with:

● Providing management for workspace, datasources and datasets; providing complete operations on spatial and attribute data.
● Providing functions such as map representation, rendering, editing, mapping, etc.; providing functions for creating different types of thematic maps, such as label maps (including uniform, ranges, composite and label matrix maps), graph maps, ranges maps, dot density maps, etc.
● Offering layout and print functions; supporting object editing in the layout; supporting CMYK model; supporting large-volume data printing.
● Simulating the earth with a 3D globe in a scene, to which you can add 2D data for display, browsing, editing and analysis; supporting adding large-volume terrain data, image data, 3D model data, and KML data to the scene.
● Supporting importing data in different formats and exporting SuperMap format data to other formats; supporting creating 3D cache for large-volume image, terrain and model data, which can largely improve the speed when you implement operations on the data.

The gorgeous contents which have been listed above are just a small part of our wonderful GIS 6R Desktop products. If you would like to receive more information as well as advantages about our GIS 6R Desktop, please go to website In order to get the fully functional 60-day free trial license, you need to download the software from first,  and then, contact our support team to get your trial.

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