Q: I forget the initial password of the administrator account of SuperMap iServer, how should I find out the password?

A: After the service started, SuperMap iServer service stores the users and roles information in the directory of [SuperMap iServer_HOME]\webapps\iserver\WEB-INF\shiro.ini.If you forget the initial password of the administratoraccount, the following operations can be taken to reset the administratoraccount: (1) Open file “shiro.ini”, find the administratoraccount in [users], format of which like:= **, admin, system; (2) Delete the administrator account, or delete the entire line of text, save the file; (3) Restart the SuperMap iServerservice, and it will automatically jump to “Create the administrator account” page when access the iServer home page, then you only need to recreate the administratoraccount.

02 July,2019
Tags: iServer

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