The cloud GIS web client development platform which based on the modern Web technology stack. It is the unified Javascript client for the SuperMap cloud GIS and online GIS platform products.

It integrates the leading open source map development library and visual development library. The core code is completely open source under the Apache License 2.0 protocol, connecting SuperMap and the open source community.

It provides a new big data visualization function, which enables fast and beautiful map rendering and spatial analysis on the browser and mobile.


Vector Tile

  • Support Mapbox Vector Tile (MVT) vector tile open standards based on MapBoxGL-JS, OpenLayers, etc.
  • Interactively edits the map style online, changing styles without anti-copying or re-slicing.
  • Support standard coordinate systems such as Web Mercator, WGS84.

Integrate the Commonly Used Maps and Chart Libraries

  • Map development library support: Leaflet, OpenLayers, MapboxGL-JS, iClient Classic.
  • Chart development library support: ECharts, D3, MapV, DECK.GL.

Open Architecture, Open Source Core

  • The core source code is based on the Apache License 2.0 open source license agreement.
  • Can be downloaded and distributed in the GitHub, OSChina open source community.

Visualization of Big Data

  • Support various temporal and static visualization effects: scatter plots, heat maps, honeycomb plots, trajectory plots, O-D plots, flow diagrams, 3D architectural drawings, wind maps, etc.

Client Computing


A 3D client development platform based on WebGL technology, which can be used to build 3D GIS applications with plug-ins free, cross-operating systems and cross-browser.


Full Function

  • Support high-performance loading and display of massive, multi-source, and heterogeneous data such as images, terrain, maps, vectors, manual modeling data, underground pipelines, tilted photography models, BIM, laser point clouds, and 3D field data.
  • Support efficient rendering of massive real-time dynamic data.
  • Support field data layer, can be connected to NetCDF data format, support to display wind field motion in particle special effect.
  • Support 3D spatial analysis and analysis result output: through-view analysis, visual field analysis, skyline analysis, sunshine analysis, profile analysis, openness analysis, etc.
  • Support edge rendering.
  • Support docking RTSP video streaming standards.


  • No need to install plugins.
  • Cross-browser: Support for multiple browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • Cross-operating system: Supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, etc.