Cloud GIS application server based on high- performance cross-platform GIS kernel has the capabilities of 2D and 3D integrated service publishing, management and aggregation functions, and provides multi-level expansion and development.

It provides powerful spatial big data storage, spatial big data analysis and stream data real-time processing and other Web services to support mass data "slice-free" publishing.

It also provides a variety of SDKs such as PC, Web and mobile and deep integration of Docker, Kubernetes and other technologies. It supports cloud native architecture, and can quickly build large spatial data application systems based on cloud integration.


Distributed Storage and Management of Spatial Data

  • Support MPP distributed relational database: Postgres-XL, distributed MySQL
  • Support distributed NoSQL database: MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Hbase.
  • Support distributed le system HDFS.
  • Support cloud data storage:Alibaba, HUAWEI, Amazon.

Intelligent Cluster

  • Support the Heterogeneous cluster for cross hardware platform and cross operating system platform.
  • Support distributed, multi-tier cluster structure. Support any cluster service node and GIS application node dynamically join the cluster service.

Distributed Stream Data Processing

  • Support accessing streaming data of multiple transport protocols and formats.
  • Support the access and processing capability of 100 thousand levels of space objects per second.
  • Support Web conguration process.


  • 3D spatial operation: intersection, union, subtraction, etc.
  • 3D spatial analysis: sunshine analysis, skyline, visibility area, 3D buffer zone, etc.
  • 3D modeling: stretching, lofting, building closure, etc.
  • Support urban design rules.

Support Cloud Native

  • Support Microservice Architecture for elastic scaling and exible deployment of GIS services.
  • Support Docker containerization technology for efficient deployment, highperformance running and low resource occupancy of cloud GIS.

Spatial Data Distributed Analysis and Computing

  • Support distributed architecture like Spark, Hadoop YARN, etc.

High Performance Distributed Dynamic Rendering Technology

The Generation and Distribution of Vector Tiles


GIS portal platform for integrating, searching, sharing and managing GIS resources. SuperMap iPortal has advanced technology and capabilities, such as zero code visualization customization, multi-source heterogeneous services registration, and system monitoring dashboards.

SuperMap iPortal provides a wealth of Web applications, with thematic mapping, 3D visualization, distributed spatial analysis, large screen display and template application creation operations.

As the user center, resource center and application center of cloud & terminal integration GIS platform, the cloud portal site of GIS can be quickly constructed.


Code-free Visual User Interface Customization

  • The layout of portal home page supports code free customization.
  • Integration of code-free and third party Web application.
  • Support the rapid customization system for platform implementers.

User Center Module

  • Support OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, SAML, etc.
  • Easy single sign on SSO.
  • It can seamlessly integrate with the existing user identity management system (IDM).

3D Earth WebApp

  • Support online production of 3D scenes.
  • Support saving and sharing 3D scenes.
  • Support 3D space analysis, measurement, tailoring and other functions.

DataInsights WebApp

  • More advanced charts and styles to make the charts more dazzling and professional.
  • Free development and interactive invocation of distributed analysis tools

Multi Source Service Access Control

  • The centralized management of service access in portal.
  • High efficient GIS service proxy.

MapDashboard WebApp

  • Online rapid creation of map visual dashboard.
  • Efficient display of data results。

DataViz WebApp

  • Support large volume rendering and multiple symbol selection.

System Monitoring Dashboard


A comprehensive GIS operation and maintenance management center which can be used for application service management, infrastructure management, and big data management. It provides a container-based Docker/Kubernetes solution to one-button creation of SuperMap GIS clouds and big data sites.

It can monitor multiple GIS data nodes, GIS service nodes or other Websites, monitor the occupancy of hardware resources, map access hotspots, node health and other indicators to achieve integrated operation and maintenance management of GIS system.

It can manage and operate GIS cloud-native system, and achieve dynamic scalability and flexible deployment.


Convenient Station Building

  • Support the rapid creation of GIS big data sites.
  • Support Kubernetes container layout and GIS resource dynamic scheduling.

Various Monitoring Index

  • Support overview map and topology map.
  • Support real-time alarm.

Assistant Ability

  • Built-in load balancing.
  • Built-in single point failure solution mechanism.

UI Micro Component