SuperMap online GIS platform (www.supermapol.com) helps users to achieve the security of GIS data on cloud, and provides a wealth of tools for data online display and analysis, a variety of SDKs to access the use of GIS data and rapid development of business systems.


GIS cloud storage

  • Storage and use: safety on cloud of 2D/3D data (SuperMap workspace, UDB, Excel, Shapefile, GeoJSON, etc), and can be browsed, queried, edited, analyzed through cloud application.
  • Mobile office: download and share data through Web, PC and mobile terminals anywhere at any time.
  • Easy maintenance: with its own GIS cluster, health monitoring and self-recovery capabilities, users do not need to care about deployment and operation and maintenance.

Online application

  • Various Web Apps: DataViz WebApp, DataInsights WebApp, Earth WebApp, map matching, MapDashboard WebApp, map studio, etc.
  • Supports online interactive visualization and 2D and 3D data analysis.
  • There is no need to install the cloud desktop experience version for online use, and the traditional desktop has a new cloud experience.
  • Lightweight online GIS gadgets to quickly complete common GIS analysis and processing tasks.

Online resource center

  • It is a GIS resource platform focused on the creator, providing functions such as resource creation, listing, and transaction, and it reflects the whole process from creation to revenue, and experiences a different GISer online creation community.
  • Provides a variety of selected, self-operated, and third-party resources for free use, including excellent resources like massive thematic data and services, large-screen templates adapted to various industries.

Online cloud service subscription

  • Improves online cloud service subscription model with clear version division and capability matrix, and matches with corresponding management tools.

Platform software product subscription

  • Simply log in to the SuperMap Online account to use the platform product software, and subscribe to the usage time as needed.

Online developer tools

  • Analysis API:6 interfaces including national route navigation, geocoding, coordinate conversion, local search, etc.
  • Storage API:including uploading and publishing data.
  • Client SDK:JavaScript, Python , Android, iOS, etc. It is convenient to use data storage and analysis services to develop cool web applications.