SuperMap iDesktop

It is a 2D and 3D integrated desktop GIS software platform. It has the ability of data management, processing, editing, mapping, analysis, plotting, etc. It support data and map service accessing and cloud resource collaboration, supports extended customization development, and can be used for spatial data production and analysis, nautical map data production, and business system customization.

SuperMap iDesktopX

It is a 2D and 3D integrated desktop GIS software platform, and supports the mainstream operating systems like Linux, Windows, etc. It provides geospatial data production and processing, distributed data management and analysis, mapping, service publishing, processing automation modeling, machine learning, video analysis and other functions. It can be used for data production, processing, analysis and mapping.


Data management

  • Supports PostGIS, Oracle, MongoDB database engine.
  • Supports distributed engines of HBase, DSF, PostGIS, etc.
  • Supports importing more than 70 kinds of data formats and exporting more than 30 kinds of data formats.
  • Supports the creation of mosaic datasets to manage massive image data stored locally, FTP, NAS, and cloud.
  • Supports the tools for sending stream data, and can connect with iserverstream service.
  • Predefines more than 1600 coordinate systems, and supports coordinate system customization, and can preview the applicable scope of coordinate system.

Data processing

  • Provides more than 200 data processing functions such as fusion, appending, vacuate, clustering, sampling, smoothing, etc.
  • Provides topology functions such as topology check, topology network construction, topology polygon construction, line topology processing, etc.
  • Supports symbolization of collected data and automatic vectorization of lines and polygons.
  • Supports recalculation of length, perimeter and area of vector line and polygon data sets.
  • New topology checker, which can interactively and quickly repair topology errors.
  • Supports projection conversion, and provides 11 kinds of projection conversion methods such as 2D four-parameter and 3D seven-parameter.
  • Supports coordinate system back-calculation conversion model parameter values, and supports 10 coordinate system conversion models.


  • Supports the production of single value, segment, label, label matrix and more thematic maps.
  • Supports adding legends and drawings to the map.
  • Supports playing temporal data and multi-version tiles in the map dynamically, and supports GIF output in playing status.
  • Supports the production of point, line and fill symbols, supports 3D symbols, and supports the import and export of symbols.
  • Supports the retrieval and use of online mapping resources, including symbols, color schemes, etc.
  • Supports intelligent map rendering based on the picture style, and supports adjustment of map brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.
  • Supports setting the display weight of text / label thematic map layers, which is convenient to adjust the display order of layers.
  • Supports map performance diagnosis, which can simultaneously detect the performance of the entire map at multiple scales.
  • Supports mapping tools such as map tiling, map grid, standard map frame, SOT index map, etc.

Map tiles

  • Provides technical solutions for the whole process of map tiles from production to release.
  • Supports multitask generation of tiles in MongoDB, local original and local compact format.
  • Provides tile management functions such as tile merging, extraction, update, inspection, format conversion, etc.

Map layout

  • Supports wizard layout, pre-defining different types of layout templates.
  • Supports adding maps, legends, charts, tables, compass, etc. in the layouts.
  • Supports map grid creation, which can add multiple kilometer grids or latitude and longitude grids to the map.
  • Supports the creation of map series and atlas printing.

Statistic chart

  • Supports more than 10 chart forms such as histogram, scatter plot, and area chart.
  • Supports the conversion between charts and thematic maps.
  • Supports the linkage of charts, maps and attribute tables.

Geospatial analysis

  • Provides vector analysis functions, such as buffer analysis, overlay analysis, proximity analysis, etc.
  • Supports interpolation analysis, and provides interpolation methods such as Kriging and inverse distance weight.
  • Supports hydrological analysis, and provides river correction DEM, calculation of watersheds, extraction of river networks, catchment points, etc.
  • Provides contour/polygon extraction, surface analysis functions such as slope, aspect, fill and excavation, etc.
  • Supports traffic network analysis, facility network analysis and dynamic segmentation.

Geospatial statistic analysis

  • Supports measurement geographic analysis of center elements, average center, median center, direction distribution,etc.
  • Provides analysis mode functions of geospatial autocorrelation, high and low value clustering, average nearest neighbor analysis, etc.
  • Supports clustering distribution functions of hot spot analysis, clustering and outlier analysis, etc.
  • Supports spatial relationship modeling functions, such as ordinary least squares method and geographic weighted regression analysis.
  • Provides spatial sampling and inference functions, such as BShade sampling, random sampling, single-point geographic estimation, BShade prediction,etc.

Machine learning

  • Supports image analysis workflow based on deep learning, including tools of sample making, model training, model evaluation, model reasoning, etc.
  • Supports the management of image and image sample libraries, and prepares sample libraries for model training of image, image, and video analysis.
  • Automatically generates picture sample library, and automatically marks the target objects in the picture based on the existing model.
  • Supports AI annotation, and makes whole picture annotation or point selection annotation based on the existing model.
  • Supports generating image samples as sample libraries for YOLO v4 and YOLO v5 models.
  • Supports image analysis, such as change detection, target detection, binary classification, and ground object classification.

Processing automation

  • Provides more than 900 kinds of tools for data processing, classification transformation, geospatial analysis, geostatistical analysis, machine learning and distributed geological processing.
  • Supports model grouping to manage the tools in the model in groups.
  • Supports local execution, which can execute from the specified node, and execute to the specified node.
  • Supports editing and viewing model metadata.
  • Improves the cancellation function, and supports immediate cancellation during execution process.
  • Supports in-line variable function, and can identify variables and transmit variable values through "%".
  • Supports iterative files and iterative data sets, and can obtain data circularly according to specified conditions.
  • Supports variable and can provide data sets or parameters as global variables to different tools.
  • Supports data processing tools such as raster mosaic, equal division resampling, protective decomposition, GeoSOT 2D/3D encoding, etc.
  • Supports big data analysis tools such as point / line trajectory similarity measurement, geographic weighted regression analysis, curvature calculation, image stretching, etc.
  • Supports adding judgment conditions and preconditions for tool connection relationships.
  • Supports recently used tool list and tool favorites.
  • Supports model publish as service, and supports using models published by desktop in SuperMap iServer.
  • Supports automatic layout, which can automatically lay out the model in the window in the horizontal/vertical direction.


  • Supports attributes and geospatial query based on blockchain geospatial data.
  • Supports thematic map making based on blockchain spatila data.

Map dashboard

  • Supports adding maps, videos, text, pictures, statistical charts to the dashboard.
  • Supports the adjustment of the display order, position and size of dashboard elements.
  • Supports element operation history, and supports cancel and resume.
  • Supports element switch, and exchange the content in the display element panel.
  • Supports video list elements, and can switch to display different videos through the list.

Cloud & terminal collaboration

  • Supports access to online map services such as OGC, SkyMap, OpenStreetMap, WorldTerrain and SuperMap REST.
  • Supports one-click publishing of maps, tiles, and 3D scenes as SuperMap iServer services.
  • Supports online data and services management in SuperMap Online and SuperMap iPortal.
  • Supports sending text messages, data, maps, videos to mobile GIS App.
  • Supports big data online analysis of geographic data in HDFS and SuperMap iServer directory services.


  • Supports the management of Python environment and dependent package by Conda.
  • Supports Python custom development tools and expands the functions of toolbox.
  • Provides Python component features of data processing, topology, interpolation, proximity analysis, etc.

Data migration

  • Supports the migration of ArcGIS data, maps, and services to the SuperMap platform.
  • Supports the migration of layer styles, thematic layers, and annotation layers, and supports the migration of symbol libraries.
  • Migration function supports maps, legends, scales and north arrows in ArcGIS layout.
  • Supports the migration of compact tiles / tile packages and publishing as ArcGIS map services.
  • Supports importing of EDB data, and supports map creation based on EPS data.
  • Supports MapGIS data migration.

AR map

  • Supports creating video dataset, which can manage online and offline multi-channel video.
  • Improves the function of accessing video streaming, and supports the connection of video streaming data with HLS (m3u8), RTSP, RTMP, http-flv, http-mp4 protocols.
  • Improves the UAV access and spatialization functions, and supports the conversion of flight records into camera parameters, position offset.
  • Supports batch registration of videos and adds geological geospatial attributes to videos based on map.
  • Supports dynamic registration of videos, which can make dynamic registration of video position with video playback.
  • Supports video overlay display with 2D and 3D vector data, and the thematic maps can be made based on vector data.
  • Supports adding video to the scene and integrating with 3D data stereo embedded.
  • Improves video rendering performance, and videos which overlay hundreds of thousands of vector data can be rendered smoothly.
  • Improves the video enhancement function, and supports the display of pictures, gifs, and videos at the designated location of the video.
  • Supports multiple video effects, like flowers falling, leaves falling, raining, dark clouds, lightning, snowing, etc.
  • Supports video enhancement, including warm&cool colors, brightening and sketch, and supports adjustment of video hue, saturation and brightness.
  • Supports video analysis function of target detection, target recognition, target tracking, speed analysis, geofence analysis, etc.
  • Supports Yolo V5 series machine learning algorithm, which can predefine broken road detection model, and supports model customization.


  • New distributed processing tool that can convert S3M to 3D Tiles.
  • New BIM data batch processing GPA tool, supports the automatic BIM data processing business flow in the format of ifc/gim/rvm/rvt/dwg/dgn/3dxml/nwd/skp, and supports adding to the existing 3D services to realize the automatic business flow of the server.
  • Multiple new GPA tools, including: generating normals for oblique photography model warehousing, TIN addition, BIM batch warehousing, batch generation of model cache with the same name, model cache saving to layer group, data import module (supports importing .Ifc,.3dxml data).
  • Supports CityGML layer.
  • Optimizes the AI extraction model window function, and supports material types setting.
  • Supports the creation and editing of 3D point symbols, 3D fill symbols, and 3D line symbols.
  • Optimizes the functions of batch generation of 3D model cache, generation of TIN cache, generation of model cache, 3D Tiles converting to S3M, oblique photography model storage, model flattening, vector surface stretching to generate model cache, etc.
  • Optimizes the linear stretch function, and supports modifying the material name and setting the texture field.
  • Optimizes the material editor function, and supports batch editing of materials.
  • Optimizes the scheduling strategy of S3M layer and terrain image layer, which greatly improves the performance of 3D tile data loading and browsing.
  • S3M cache supports geometry compression (Meshopt) and texture compression (KTX2.0), which greatly reduces memory usage and improves 3D tile data loading and browsing performance.
  • Scene service setting function supports 2D surface data as scene clipping area.
  • Optimizes the function of opening the server service scene, support setting the key source and key.

Nautical chart (only supported by iDesktop)

  • Electronic nautical chart data conversion based on IHO S-57 standard.
  • Electronic nautical chart data display based on IHO S-55 standard.
  • Electronic nautical chart data check based on IHO S-58 standard.
  • Supports integrated display of sea and land, and real 3D display and release of nautical chart.

Customized development

  • Provides extended development templates to support interactive construction of secondary development projects.
  • Provides rich sample code, including adding tabs, grouping, controls and tools, etc.
  • Supports work environment designer, which can quickly customize system UI.
  • Supports toolbox extension development, which can be extended through Java and Python.
  • Provides a plugin manager to support dynamic loading, uninstalling and sharing of plugins.


It is a 3D scene browsing software developed based on UE5 and the SuperMap Hi-Fi 3D GIS development platform (SuperMap Hi-Fi 3D SDK for Unreal). It supports access to online/offline massive multi-source heterogeneous spatial data, supports high-fidelity rendering of 3D geographic scenes, and provides support for applications such as digital twin and smart city.


Supports simulating real sunlight and weather effects, and supports various post-processing effects such as floodlight, screen space reflection, and dynamic blur to achieve hi-fi rendering of 3D geographic scenes.

Supports loading local/online massive multi-source heterogeneous spatial data

  • Support loading GIS data in S3M format: manual modeling data, real 3D data, point cloud data, BIM data.
  • Supports loading point / line / polygon data.
  • Supports loading terrain and image data.
  • Supports loading online data: SuperMap Terrain service, BingMaps service, OpenStreetMap service, STK Terrain service, public services such as Sky Map Image, Sky Map Terrain, and OGC services such as WMTS/WMS.
  • Supports direct loading of oblique photography 3D model data in OSGB format.

Supports layer management functions such as showing, hiding, adding, deleting, and quick locating of layers

Supports attribute query of S3M cache

Supports flight management functions and supports opening flight path files created in the desktop

Supports measurement


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