Embassy of Bolivia in China Visited SuperMap

13 Sept,2021 Bolivia

On September 10, 2021, Mr. Mauricio Belmonte, Minister Counselor of Bolivian Embassy in China, and Mr. Jaime Quevedo, Bolivian Air Force Colonel visited SuperMap with their retinue. Bolivian Embassy officials and SuperMap conducted a thorough discussion about collaboration on border security, meteorological supervision, smart agriculture, and technical training in Bolivia. Wang Haitao, President of SuperMap International, and colleagues from SuperMap International American Center gave welcome. SuperMap appreciates the visit of Mr. Mauricio Belmonte, Mr. Jaime Quevedo and the embassy staff. SuperMap expects to promote closer cooperation with Bolivian Embassy in the future.

During the visit, Mr. Mauricio Belmonte stressed the significance of Bolivian border to homeland security. The inspection and supervision of border has become one of the top priority in Bolivia. Minister Counselor Belmonte expressed his belief that SuperMap products and solutions will be instrumental in resolving the problems facing borderline supervision. 

Besides, Mr. Mauricio Belmonte showed his interests in SuperMap previous solutions to smart agriculture. The frequent climate change and complicated meteorological conditions have posted a challenge to farm products management in Bolivia. Minister Counselor Belmonte proposed to cooperate with SuperMap on the real-time visualization of meteorological detection and intelligent management of agriculture.

Apart from that, Mr. Mauricio Belmonte mentioned the natural hazard response and natural environment protection and emphasized the necessity of a comprehensive forest-fire response system.

Mr. Jaime Quevedo demonstrated his expectations on more advanced training in college education. SuperMap hopes to join hands with Bolivian schools to attempt at improving the quality of professional teaching and course in GIS, aerial survey, etc.

SuperMap has collaborated with Bolivia on many cases. In July this year, SuperMap signed a letter of intent with the support of the Bolivian Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology to join the construction of GeoBolivia project. Moreover, SuperMap made joint efforts with Instituto Geográfico Militar de Bolivia, a military school in Bolivia to hold the theme forum of international symposium on Geographic Information Technology.

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