SuperMap iDesktop 7C has been released

07 Jan,2014

SuperMap iDesktop 7C has been released. We appreciate your time invested in trying our products, waiting for comments and feedback.
SuperMap iDesktop 7C is a desktop plug-in GIS platform, which provides three versions including advanced, professional and standard. It contains complete GIS functionalities, such as data processing, mapping, analyzing of 2D & 3D integration. In addition, it also supports accessing online data, publishing data services to web server, extension development based on .NET framework and quick application customization.

1. Complete and Easy-to-use GIS Functionalities
-Core functionalities are fully provided and online upgrade is supported
-Workflow mechanism of dynamic segmentation and hydrological analysis enables users to easily learn them
-Multiple data engines and various data formats are supported, which meets most requirements of users
-Mainstream online map services such as GoogleMaps, OpenStreetMap, OGC services are allowed to be accessed as the background map to reduce data processing cost


Workflow Management in SuperMap iDesktop 7C

2. Powerful 2D & 3D Mapping and Sharing
-Provides rich 2D and 3D symbols and allows users to customize symbols according to their needs; supports powerful 2D & 3D mapping
-Collaborative 2D & 3D maps producing and browsing in multiple terminals 


2D & 3D Maps Publishing

3. GIS Services Publishing
-Local and remote data can be quickly published as SuperMap iServer services
-Data and maps can be published as various services such as REST services, OGC services


Publishing Data as iServer Services

4. Convenient Online Upgrade
Online upgrade and installation are supported, which is convenient for users to get the latest version ASAP

5. Outstanding Extension Framework and Handy Extension Mode
-Various VS project templates are provided to help users start developing quickly
-iDesktop toolbox and iDesktop references have been included in IDE for convenient use
-More UI controls and interfaces are provided for users to facilitate extension development


Plugin and Quick Start Templates

6. Enhanced 3D Effects and Performance
-Massive 3D data are allowed to be browsed and edited with high performance
-Many kinds of particle effects such as rain, snow, firework, and fountain, etc. are supported. Moreover, users are allowed to open sun effect and water surface effect
-Rapid modeling is supported


3D Night View of National Aquatics Center


7. Friendly Ribbon Style UI
-Latest flat Ribbon style interface brings users good experience and reduces visual fatigue
-Professional icons are easier to be identified
-Newly designed flat Ribbon style interface enhances work efficiency


SuperMap iDesktop 7C Icons

8. Rich Editing Tools & Flexible Editing Methods & Editing Customization
-Rich object types and four editing modes are supported
-Various editing tools such as trim, extend and split are provided
-Users are allowed to customize editing methods according to their needs

Editing Customization

9. Complete GIS Analysis
-Many kinds of surface analysis are supported
-Workflow mechanism of hydrological analysis provides streamlined operations
-Raster statistics, conversion between vector and raster, distance raster are supported
-Transportation network analysis and facility network analysis are provided
-Workflow mechanism of dynamic segmentation provides streamlined operations

Slope and Aspect Analyses

10. Land and Sea Integration
-Nautical chart data conversion based on IHO S-57 is supported
-S-57 data import, storage and export are supported
-Nautical chart data can be displayed according to the newest IHO S-52 data display specifications
-2D display, 3D display and publishing of integrated land and sea data are supported


Integration of Land and Sea

How to get the new version? 

For trial, please contact our sales team.


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