SuperMap iServer Java 6R(2012) Express has been released

29 Aug,2013

SuperMap iServer Java 6R(2012) Express has been released. We appreciate your time invested in trying our products, waiting for comments and feedback.

SuperMap iServer Java 6R(2012) Express, which can be regarded as a light-weight SuperMap iServer Java product, is mainly used to republish and aggregate the services published by iServer Java and the third party, and the local cache files in order to share the access pressure for the server side and improve the access efficiency for the client side.

In a large organization, the GIS business data is usually deployed in the server at the headquarters, and people from the branches or other business departments all need access the services in the same server. In such a condition, the access pressure of the GIS server is generally very large. In addition, the amount of GIS data is generally quite large, so the access efficiency of end users is very low. If we add one or more iServer Java Express servers in the branches, the map access efficiency will be improved much. The end users also can access the map cache data through iServer Java Express even when the network is not smooth. In the other hand, we only need to increase the iServer Express servers to meet the requirement when the amount of the branches or end users is increased. This new GIS server expansion way can reduce the cost and avoid the investment duplication.

How to get the product?
To get the product, please download from here.


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