SuperMap iServer Java 6R(2012) SP3 has been released

01 Aug,2013

  SuperMap iServer Java 6R(2012) SP3 has been released. 
  SuperMap iServer Java is a service-oriented enterprise GIS product. This product can manage, publish and seamlessly aggregate multiple sources of  services, including REST service, OGC W*S service (WMS, WMTS, WFS) etc; support multiple client accessing; support GIS functionalities, like data management, editing and analysis in the distributed environment; support multi-level extension and service-oriented GIS development framework.

What's New in this version?

New Features
-New client product-SuperMap iClient for Android is provided. It provides Web map access interface based on Android device.

Run iClient for Android on Android mobile

-New distributed tiling function. The cache tiles support FastDFS distributed storage to promote tiling performance and stability.

Distributed Tiling Speedup Curve

-New security management module. It provides role-based access control, supporting Token Authentication to guarantee system security.

Token Authentication

-New CSW (Catalog Service for Web) 2.0.2 services. It provides the service list and service meta-information.

-New map service. It supports spatial query and attribute query for nautical charts.

Nautical Chart Query

-It supports to publish services quickly by REST API.

-It supports Surface Analysis, Traffic Transfer Analysis, Network Analysis in WPS service.

-New map service aggregation capabilities. New WMTSMapProvider is used to overlay and aggregate the remote WMTS services; new MBTilesMapProvider is used to overlay and aggregate the map tiles file in MBTiles standard; new support to aggregate ArcGIS map service.  

-It supports to access the log file with iServer service, enabling the capability to monitor the specified service for reproducing and diagnosing problems easily.

-It supports the functions that it can calculate the M value of the specified point according to the route and it can get the point (line) according to the route and the M value in Dynamic Segmentation.

-It supports to interpolate through discrete points coordinates and clip the analysis result in Interpolation Analysis.

-It supports to batch add elements in data service.

-It supports the layer style of SLD in WMS service.

-It supports to configure multiple scale collection in WMTS service.

-It expands MBTiles format, supporting any coordinate system, any resolution, and releases the format to public.

-It supports to restart the tomcat service automatically if it crashes.

-It improves the performance of Spatial Query, Attribute Query, Network Analysis, Spatial Analysis.  

How to get the new version?
To get the products, please download from here.    


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