SuperMap Deskpro .NET 6R(2012) SP2 has been released

05 Feb,2013

SuperMap GIS 6R Desktop products, which are plugin GIS applications based on SuperMap Objects .NET 6R, desktop core library and .NET Framework 2.0, have three functional levels: SuperMap Deskpro .NET, SuperMap Express .NET and SuperMap Viewer .NET.

A lot of new functions have been added to Service Pack 2, many existing functions are also greatly enhenced.

What's New in this version? 

1) Open the interfaces for windows management, theme design, objects drawing, etc.

2) Support extension development in VS 2008 and later versions, integrates a quick reference tool to facilitate the references of SuperMap DLLs.

3) More database engines and common web map services are added.

4) More data processing tools are added for both vector and raster data, such as slope, aspect, cut and fill, terrain match, etc. 

5) 3D display effects have been enhanced, support sun effect, shadow, particle effect, etc. 

6) Data processing capabilities have been enhanced, the functions added include:

- Topology analysis: including building region and network dataset, checking and dealing with topology errors;

- Attribute table: including field index, append rows or columns to dataset, update attribute table, etc.

 - Besides the enhancement of 3D display effects, 3D visibility analysis has also been added;


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