SuperMap Released SuperMap GIS 6 SP3

12 Jul,2011

SuperMap released SuperMap GIS 6 SP3 (English version), including SuperMap Desktop 6 SP3, SuperMap Objects 6 SP3 and SuperMap IS .NET 6 SP3.

SuperMap Desktop 6 SP3 is a set of GIS desktop products, which enables you to perform various GIS tasks. It includes SuperMap Viewer, SuperMap Express and SuperMap Deskpro. Each product provides additional GIS functions as you use from Viewer to Express to Deskpro. SuperMap Viewer aims at viewing the map data. SuperMap Express not only includes functions that Viewer has but also offers additional functions, such as spatial data editing, attribute data editing and image registration. SuperMap Deskpro not only includes functions that Express has but also offers other powerful functions, such as map editing, attribute data management, analysis, location-allocation, map layout, 3D modeling, etc.

SuperMap Objects is a large-scale component GIS development platform, suitable for various sorts of application systems and professional GIS products development. It provides GIS functions through the ActiveX control, and can be used in object-oriented environment, thus effectively lowering the difficulty of GIS application development and upgrading the development effectiveness. 

SuperMap IS .NET is a sort of highly effective as well as stable Web GIS development platform. It adopts the distributed computing technology, allowing the integration of large-scale network application systems with cross-region and cross-network, and providing an effective and extensible development platform for publishing GIS data. Therefore, developers can share the GIS data with each other.

For those new released products, some existing functions have been improved, and new functions have been added.

1. Improvements on Spatial Database Engine
● Improvements on WFS service access.
● A new support for non-SM fields in the Oracle spatial engine.
● Restore the memory growth problem when copying datasets using the SQL engine.

2. Improvements on Spatial Analysis
● Improvements on the line-region overlay.
● Improvements on the region-region overlay.
● A new support for the isoregion extraction according to discrete points in SuperMap IS .NET.
● A new support for isoline or isoregion extraction according to the interval array of changeable steps in SuperMap IS .NET.
● A new support for returning source buffer geometry objects in buffer analysis.

3. Powerful Data Processing
● Improvements on hypsometric tinting, including the color set for the no value area, color selection, and color inversion.
● Improvements on map registration, including the process for tiny regions and line objects.

4. Optimized Mapping Functions
● A new support for Unique thematic mapping with data type fields.
● A new support for WMS and SIT dynamic projection.
● Improvements on the display of intersection optimization.

5. Optimized Interfaces
● Optimization on the TSP interface.
● Optimization on the style table and object styles of exported datasets.
● A new support for map rotation when viewing a map in SuperMap IS .NET.
● A new support for setting highlight styles for each layer in the map query of SuperMap IS .NET.
● A new support for exporting a map with background transparency in SuperMap IS .NET.
● Improvements on the support for browsers for MapControl in SuperMap IS .NET.
● Improvements on the symbols displaying effect in SuperMap IS .NET.

From the technology improvement, to the user experience enhancement, to the success in industry application fields, SuperMap GIS 6 fulfills all sorts of needs of users in different industries, and has already played a vital role in the domestic market and is taking a growing role in the international market. With the increase of users, SuperMap GIS series will keep on creating values. Let’s witness the amazing changes!

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