SuperMap iClient 6R for Silverlight (IS .NET) Released

29 May,2011

On 23rd May, 2011, SuperMap released its new product SuperMap iClient 6R for Silverlight (for IS .NET, English version). SuperMap iClient 6R for Silverlight is a set of Web GIS development kits based on Microsoft Silverlight 4.0. With the help of this set of kits and Microsoft .NET framework, you can quickly build rich client applications of Service GIS with cross platform and cross browser. To some extent, SuperMap iClient 6R for Silverlight is an independent client product. It supplies GIS functions from the server side. As a client development platform with cross browser and cross platform, SuperMap iClient for Silverlight displays maps on the client side fluently, and provides maps and services through SuperMap GIS servers or third-party servers, thus building map applications with rich views, high interaction, and excellent experience.

Use SuperMap iClient 6R for Silverlight to:

● Service Aggregation:
Service Aggregation is used to publish different types and sources of services to the client side through standardized process. SuperMap iClient 6R for Silverlight supports multiple services aggregation, such as services of SuperMap IS .NET, other third-party services (WMS, WFS, KML, GeoRSS, WebService, etc.), etc. The service aggregation enables you to aggregate both of homogeneous and heterogeneous services with no restriction to the service sources making global sources integrated together.

● Independent Distribution
As an important part of SuperMap Service products, technically, SuperMap iClient 6R is integrated closely with SuperMap GIS, and supports to perform GIS functions by calling servers. SuperMap iClient 6R can be treated as a part of SuperMap server products, making data and services display on the client side, but this product is independent to SuperMap server products, and it is characterized of independent distribution and updating. With the support for multiple types of services, SuperMap iClient 6R development kits support types of service libraries of SuperMap GIS allowing you to choose libraries according to your demands.

● Simple Development
With standard Web technology as well as object-oriented programming models, SuperMap iClient 6R supports map displaying and control loading by concise codes. Besides, SuperMap iClient provides you with a complete SampleCode which helps you intuitively view the functions and copy codes assist you get started with SuperMap iClient products easily.

● Functional Extensibility
SuperMap iClient 6R also offers you a great number of interfaces for extension interfaces for supporting REST style, RPC style and third-party servers. SuperMap iClient 6R enables you to publish data by inheritance from TiledCachedLayer, customize the Map control, and points and lines feature styles.

Key Features

● Innovation of ElementsLayer
● Cluster Display for Huge Amount of Points
● Both Service Thematic Mapping and Client Thematic Mapping in Parallel

Now, SuperMap iClient 6R for Silverlight (IS .NET) is free for downloading at


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