SuperMap Objects .NET 6R SP2 Released

29 May,2011

SuperMap has released its SuperMap Objects .NET 6R SP2 (English version). SuperMap Objects .NET 6R, as a member of the SuperMap GIS Universal series, is a .NET-based platform for building GIS applications. SuperMap Objects .NET 6R adopts C++/CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) ,takes full advantage of .NET features, supports all .NET languages, including C#, VB.NET, etc., and provides many cache types, including map cache, model cache, and scene cache. It also improves auxiliary controls, data conversion, 3D module, analysis functions, and map layout.

New Features

● Multiple workspaces are allowed to open in the same application.
● A thematic layer can be displayed as a separate layer allowing the thematic layer be displayed individually, or added among other layers.
● More than one thematic maps, both of the same type and the different types, can be created for a dataset, and displayed at the same time.
● Both Label thematic mapping and Graph thematic mapping support the range set. For the same thematic map, different ranges for Label and Graph can display different styles.
● Cross-layer selection is supported.
● Map images are supported to be output without displaying them in the window.
● Spatial query on geometric features, recordsets, and datasets is supported.

SuperMap Objects .NET 6R enables you to realize the following functions:

● Data Operation
● Map Operation
● New Module
● Network Analysis
● Spatial Analysis

Enhancements and Improvements:

● Improved the interface for bus transfer analysis
● Updated SampleCode
● Enriched sample data
● Improved documents

Now, you can download your free installation package at

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