SuperMap GIS 6 SP1 Released

18 June,2010

SuperMap (SuperMap Software Co., Ltd.) released the SP1 version of SuperMap GIS 6 in May 2010.  Based on the users’ reports and market investigation, the software functions have been improved and a number of new functions have been added to SuperMap GIS 6 SP1. As the problems identified by the users have been resolved and their urgent needs have been met, the new version will provide better GIS services. Each product's new features are described below.

Added features for SuperMap IS .NET 6:
1. New support for publishing WMS 1.3.0 web services enhancing the map service functionalities;
2. New support for getting images via a proxy Handler in AjaxControl;
3. New support for ISManager to start/stop single service, further improving the flexibility of service control;
4. New support for lock/unlocking layers in AjaxDemo, which helps strengthen the management and protection of map layers, and prevent the misoperation of data;
5. New support for directly returning the stop nodes on the routes in bus analyst.

Added features for SuperMap Objects 6:
1. New added topology preprocessing function of inserting node types, so that nodes will be inserted automatically at the point-line and line-line intersections;
2. New support for setting the fill effect of the entire layer.

Added features for SuperMap Deskpro 6/Express 6/Viewer 6:
1. New support for editing 3D data;
2. Map Clip is supportive of rectangle clip, circle clip, polygon clip and object clip of CAD data and keeps the style of CAD data;
3. The new offset registration method needs only one control point to achieve offset registration;
4. New support for setting Full Fill Mode for vector region dataset.

Added features for SuperMap SDX+:
1. Enhanced Oracle Spatial engine performance, full support for spatial object types of Oracle Spatial, and enhanced support for Oracle database.

For further details, please check the "What's New" section of the help documentations for specific products. Or contact us:

SuperMap Global Support Center

Contact information of the technical support center located at SuperMap Headquarters:
Tel: +86-10-59896503

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