SuperMap iServer Java 2008 Now Available

27 Aug,2009

SuperMap releases its new iServer Java 2008 (English). It is a high-performance development platform for building cross-platform Web GIS applications. Currently, SuperMap iServer Java supports Microsoft Windows, IBM AIX, Red Hat, SuSE, Red Flag, etc. Developers can now use it to deliver enterprise Web applications with GIS capabilities that can compete with professional desktop GIS.

iServer Java has taken an SOA approach and has multiple remarkable features that enable developers to develop a highly valuable, highly extensible, and Web-services-based GIS.

As a Java application, iServer has a C/C++ based core, allowing developers to develop cross-platform Web applications, and contributing to high-efficiency data access, map display, spatial analysis, and complex data computation. Also, iServer Java supports service aggregation both on server and client side. It provides a rich number of components for aggregating standards-compliant services such as WMS, WFS, KML, and GeoRSS from third parties, as well as publishing these services.

The built-in Intelligent Client and Cache(IC&C) technology of iServer supports multi-level caching to optimize the efficiency of data caching. iServer also enables multiple GIS servers to be clustered so that they can serve multiple applications and more clients, with better scalability and usability, and can effectively balance the loads and communications received. Moreover, iServer has optimized its core display engine to give its users a head start in publishing terabytes of imagery.

You can download the iServer Java installation packages from:

For more information about SuperMap iServer Java, you can contact our technical support via email at

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