Official Release of SuperMap GIS 2008 English (V5.3.0)

17 Mar,2008

SuperMap GIS Technologies Inc. is delighted to announce the release of SuperMap GIS 2008 English (V5.3.0), which is a major update for SuperMap GIS 5 English (V5.2.1) released in January 2007. SuperMap GIS 2008 has undergone a wide range of requirement investigation and evaluation to improve existing functionalities, enhance its performance, reliability as well as usability and offer much more new features.

SuperMap GIS 2008 English (V5.3.0) includes following products:

SuperMap SDX+ 2008 (V5.3.0)—— Enterprise Spatial Database Engine
SuperMap Objects 2008 SDK (V5.3.0) —— Developer-friendly GIS Development Platform
SuperMap Objects 2008 Runtime (V5.3.0) —— Runtime Library for the Development Edition
SuperMap IS .NET 2008 (V5.3.0) —— High Performance Web GIS Development Platform
SuperMap Deskpro 2008 (V5.3.0) ——Professional Desktop GIS Software
SuperMap Express 2008 (V5.3.0) ——Professional GIS Data Authoring Desktop Software
SuperMap Viewer 2008 (V5.3.0) ——Free GIS Data Viewing Desktop Software

Major updates of the products are described below:

SuperMap SDX+ 2008 (V5.3.0): SuperMap SDX+ weights a lot for SDX+ for Oracle, SDX+ for SQL Server and SDX+ for SDB. This version offers a new mechanism for indexing maintenance, adds a dynamic indexing option suitable for concurrent access to mass data and data editing and backs up OGC standards as well as Google Earth KML. By adding some Web data source engine, direct access to WMS, WFS, WCS and KML are achieved. Please note, unlike others, SuperMap SDX+ is a technique that has been integrated into SuperMap products to enable their accessibility to various mass geospatial data.

SuperMap Objects 2008 SDK and Runtime (V5.3.0): With built-in spatial data engine SDX+ 2008, this version enhances data accessibility. A lot more new features for map visualization and thematic mapping are available such as map anti-alias, automatic text avoiding, map bookmark, layer cache etc; More practical raster to vector and vector to raster conversion is offered for data processing; distance query, topology processing are enhanced, for example, topology check for vector dataset is available in the topo control. As to network analysis, the proven analysis function is enriched in result presentation and is improved in analyzing efficiency; various tracking analysis functions are added for logistics and water network. Buffer analysis, dynamic segmentation and distance measurement are perfected for vector spatial analysis. More map algebra expressions are supported for rater spatial analysis. In addition, new sample projects written in five typical programming languages are provided for user reference.

SuperMap IS .NET 2008 (V5.3.0): All controls are Ajax enabled. Compass, magnifier and zooming controls are newly added. Server and client side WMS/WFS/WCS components as well as KML/KMZ, GeoRSS component at both server and client side based on OGC standards are provided. Clustering is achieved by WCF in support of network hierarchical cluster mode and collaboration between clustering servers to avoid node failure. Network analysis and bus module have been optimized. Similarly, map visualization is enhanced by line and text anti-alias feature, automatic text avoiding etc. to enhance visual experience.

SuperMap GIS Desktop 2008 (V5.3.0) are comprised of SuperMap Deskpro 2008, SuperMap Express 2008, SuperMap Viewer 2008. SuperMap GIS desktops are newly equipped with Web datasource which enables direct access to WMS, WFS, WCS services based on OGC and KML format from Google Earth. Usability is improved by adding a number of query functions and UI design. Operations on attribute table are enhanced to create field more convenient by supporting batch field deleting. Precision of objects drawing is improved through control points. Concurrent data accessibility is improved by spatial indexing capability. Newly added 24 topology rules are used to check topology errors of vector data. Other features such as anti-alias, bookmark for map, map cache and customizable map display area etc. are also available.

Of these features above, there is a unified kernel within these products, making the products have a good functional consistency. With a built-in spatial database engine SDX+, SuperMap GIS 2008 family has a unified accessibility to various data sources without extra purchase of this capability.

SuperMap GIS 2008 products also come along with rich documents, which have been completely revised to help users to play well with SuperMap GIS.

SuperMap GIS Technology Inc. is committed to delivering high quality GIS products and service to industry and society. If more information is required, please kindly call 0086-10-82736655 to Support Center or visit for updated news, downloads and services.

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