SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc. Build Up A Basic GIS System for Fengxian District in Shanghai

14 Oct,2005

Recently, the information committee of Fengxian district in Shanghai signed an agreement of project cooperation with SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc. and SuperMap took the charge of the technique for basic GIS system of Fengxian district. The basic GIS system of Fengxian district is a core supported system for unify platform of e-government information management. This system use basic GIS management and service as a core for e-government based on SuperMap GIS platform. It supplies a basic spatial information structure for e-government and provides different GIS service for government of Fengxian District.

This project addresses the need of relative application based on geographic data management. The first period of this project is integrated the information of the engineer of civil defense, chain of command and communication system by build up the defense information system. It provides a powerful information system for help protection affair, rapidly transfer command information, shelters and evacuates people and properties, and establish a foundation for rapidly organizing and unified attempering various aftereffect eliminated professional troops.

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