“City Brain” Boosts the Digital Transformation of Huangpu District, Shanghai

22 Mar,2024

To build Shanghai into a national new smart city demonstration area and a global smart city best practice area, Huangpu District joined forces with China Electronics Science and Technology Institute, Huawei, SuperMap and other enterprises, and launched the construction of a smart Huangpu comprehensive operation command platform, focusing on solving bottleneck problems such as "data islands" and accelerating the construction of cross-department and cross-domain basic common platforms. SuperMap adopts technologies including 2D and 3D integrated GIS, spatial big data GIS, cross-platform GIS and so on to build a spatiotemporal information platform, allowing urban intelligence to empower city operations under unified management network.

Four theme construction achievements to improve the level of urban management

The project has four themes: public management, public services, public security, and economic operation. The comprehensive operation situation is comprehensively presented in one map, including macro indicators in the current tense and monthly reports in the historical tense in each field. It aims to present an overview of Huangpu District's urban operation in each period and improve the efficiency of data integration and leadership decision-making.

Comprehensive situation

  • Public administration sector

The public management section relies on the grid management mechanism and combines digital urban management projects and urban public management services to analyze the entire district and each type of events from five aspects: total volume, structure, trend, distribution and governance effectiveness. Thematic analysis is conducted on the main concerns of each type of event, and thematic scene construction is created such as urban transportation management, digital governance, civilization creation, and AI computing power.

From macro to micro, from shallow to deep, this section conducts an all-round and multi-angle analysis of “grid + governance”. By accessing data from the Grid Center, Market Supervision Bureau, Natural Resources Planning Bureau and Ecological Environment Bureau, this section realizes situation awareness in five aspects including grid governance, market supervision, administrative law enforcement, urban management and environmental protection for urban public management. Through comprehensive management of the city from a cross-system perspective, unified command and dispatch, and collaboration among multiple departments, it completes event processing in daily city management to build the "Smart City Brain" of Huangpu District.

City operation data analysis

  • Public service sector

The public service section combines the administrative service business of the Government Service Center to analyze the entire district and handling events from three aspects: acceptance volume, processing volume and disposal volume. Through thematic analysis of the main concerns of each type of event, the construction of special scenarios such as citizen services, health, smart elderly care, administrative services, and suggestion collection.

By accessing data from the government service center's administrative services, smart elderly care, health, and IoT sensing systems, this section realizes situational awareness of urban public management in administrative services, smart elderly care, health and other aspects and provides city managers with the overall operating situation of the city. Combined with special analysis of major issues in urban development, it provides decision-making analysis support for urban management.

Urban public health services

  • Public safety sector

The public safety section is based on real-life 3D map data. With the support of the 3D map engine system, it combines various business data and passenger flow monitoring algorithms to realize information perception of public safety in the entire district. It provides information for grid departments, street offices, urban management offices, political and legal affairs commission, emergency office, public security department, health commission, traffic police detachment and other departments, and at the same time, provides support to the command of the duty rooms of various commissions and bureaus. It collects and filters alarm information issued by different application systems in the city, and forms an urban-level hierarchical operation center alarm information to analyze potential risks in real-time, and provide accurate and timely early warning and prediction.

Public safety property query

  • Economic operation sector

The overall business process of the economic operation sector: extract data from each business system in the collection database, form the main table of building economics through regular aggregation, calculation, and sorting, and use the analysis model to analyze the data in different indicators, dimensions, and AI model calculation, and finally display data at different granularities at the product level through macro, meso, and micro perspectives, and perform corresponding early warning, monitoring, and analysis functions based on application scenarios from different perspectives. Relevant data results will be directly applied in various fields such as investment promotion, building management, enterprise management and spatial development planning, providing support for the construction of special scenarios such as industrial economy, business district economy, building economy and regional finance.

Business environment analysis

Significant application benefits empowering and increasing efficiency for digital transformation

  • Economic benefits

The Smart Huangpu Integrated Operation Command Platform integrates, searches, shares and manages various data resources such as maps, services, scenarios and applications to reduce duplicarte construction of system and form an urban data base that serves the entire Huangpu District, promoting the sharing and application of data. Focusing on the main line of "public security, public management, public services, and economic operation", explore the value of data, focus on the pain points and difficulties of urban governance, it displays the operational signs of Huangpu City in multiple dimensions and at multiple scales, and realizes the city signs of the entire district demonstrated on one screen and the overall grasp of situation.

At present, the smart Huangpu Comprehensive Operation Command Platform has provided services to more than 40 departments including commissions, bureaus, and sub-district offices at all levels in the district. It has compiled 3,260 resource directories with nearly 3.1 billion pieces of data. Through the efficient use of frugal resources, it is expected to save money every year.

  • Social benefits

The Smart Huangpu Comprehensive Operation Command Platform project has cooperated in receiving more than 157 visits from local governments, accessed and managed nearly 2.1 billion pieces of data from various committees, offices, bureaus and streets, completed data management of nearly 140,000 place names and addresses, and formulated 3,750 data scheduling tasks, forming 21 categories, more than 640 items, and a total of 1,784 daily management situations. It has reshaped work processes, and management boundaries, forming Huangpu's "Dictionary of Urban Transportation Matters".

Currently, the platform is running smoothly, and data is collected and shared to various departments, commissions, bureaus, streets, and communities across the region to create an intensive smart city trinity structure of "observation, management, and prevention." The platform has covered large, medium-sized and small screens and other applications throughout the region. Dozens of large, medium and small special application scenarios have been expanded, and have been included in Shanghai's minimum unit governance scenario pilot to empower and increase efficiency for digital transformation.


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