Song Guanfu: In 2023 Take the long but exceptional road, Do the difficult but correct things

29 Jan,2023

Dear users and partners, investors, and colleagues,

The year 2022 has passed, and we went through an extremely difficult year hand in hand. During 2021, we were often confronted with the circumstances of being unable to go on a business trip and work, which brought great difficulties to our work. However, we never gave up and worked hard to innovate products, advance delivery, improve services, and optimize management. We went through 2022 by encouraging each other and we did a large amount of meaningful work.

Here, on behalf of SuperMap, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and pay tribute to our customers and partners who have supported and trusted us for a long time, to all my colleagues who are persistent and diligent, and to the families of employees who have contributed behind the scene!

By convention, SuperMap releases a new motto incorporated into SuperMap Language every year. On January 13, 2023, SuperMap released the 26th motto: “Take the long but exceptional road, do the difficult but correct things.”

“Take the long but exceptional road” does not mean giving up the shortcut and taking a long way. Instead, we believe that “being exceptional is the only way to be outstanding. As long as you find the way, you will not be afraid of the long road”, because “Long as the journey is, we will reach our destination if we stay the course.”

As for “doing the difficult but correct things”, in our opinion, “it is valuable only when it is correct. As long as the direction is right, we will not be afraid of difficulties”, because “Difficult as the task is, we will get the job done if we keep working at it.”

In the past, SuperMap did many “difficult but correct things”.

The first example is about product development.

In 2022, GTMAP, a subsidiary of SuperMap, established a project to develop a “Desktop GIS application framework for natural resources”. The engineers of the product team were adept at .NET development, and the interface tools based on .NET were very abundant. They could have chosen SuperMap iDesktop .NET to develop this product, saving both time and effort, and the product would be produced quickly. However, they chose Java language, which had few interface tools and was relatively unfamiliar to developers, and developed it based on SuperMap iDesktopX.

This is a long road and a difficult task. However, they know that the second technical route can create greater value for customers, and is more exceptional and correct. The products they developed can support Windows and Linux series operating systems, and support the CPU such as Intel, Huawei Kunpeng, and Loongson at the same time.

In the end, it took them a few more months and more manpower to develop a cross-platform natural resource desktop GIS application framework product.

SuperMap Research Institute has experienced many similar “long roads” and “difficulties” in product development. For example, in 2001, we overthrew the core of the GIS platform software and developed a cross-platform GIS platform software. This is a very difficult task. It took 12 years to completely replace SuperMap’s original GIS platform software based on the Windows kernel, which proved that our choice was correct. Also, in 2006, SuperMap decided to abandon the 3D products based on the open source visualization engine, and turned to developing cross-platform, 2D&3D integrated GIS software products. It took 9 years to prove that the choice was correct. These two technical routes have created greater value for users.

The second example is about corporate culture and the logic of the earnings report.

In addition to the SuperMap Langauge, SuperMap’s corporate culture also includes the RIC corporate spirit (Reputation First, Innovative Thinking, Craftsmanship Spirit). The interpretation of “Reputation First” includes that profit is more important than income, cash flow is more important than profit and reputation is more important than cash flow.

Based on this spirit, SuperMap has always adhered to the business logic of “making profitable income” and the financial logic of “making profits supported by cash flow”. From the company's listing in 2009 to 2021, the sum of SuperMap’s operating net cash flows is 115% of the sum of its net profits.

It is not easy to insist. This is a “dull” but correct thing because we do not pursue short-term market value increases, but long-term sustainable development.

Although “cash flow is more important than profit”, we still insist that “reputation is more important than cash flow”. Only by constantly innovating technology, improving services, and creating more value for customers can we satisfy customers and gain a better reputation.

The magical Year of the Tiger is now the past. Looking back, we were anxious, worried, and confused, but in the end, we overcame many unimaginable difficulties. “Only in hard times can courage and perseverance be manifested. Only after polishing can a piece of jade be finer.” On the way of exploration, you can never see the light at a glance, but more often see the glimmer of the future amidst the thunder and lightning. However, as long as there is that ray of light leading us, we will be able to glimpse the beauty of the first day after the rain.

For a more certain and better Year of the Rabbit, we have peace of mind, confidence, and determination. Although there will be more choices of routes and values, we will insist on “Take the long but exceptional road, do the difficult but correct things”, and continue to play the spirit of “dare to enter no man’s land” of SuperMap employees, and perform well in technology, applications, services, and other multi-dimensional innovations, and continue to create value for customers! In 2023, let us set off together!

Finally, I wish you and your family good health, happiness, and prosperity!

About SuperMap Language

SuperMap Language is a part of SuperMap’s corporate culture, which brings together concepts related to company management and professionalization. On June 18, 2020, SuperMap released 23 mottos of SuperMap Lanague on its 23rd birthday. After that, it has become a practice to release a new motto at the staff meeting at the beginning of each year.

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