Early Detection of Accident Location Using CCTV Databases and The Nearest Hospital in DKI Jakarta

12 Jan,2022 Indonesia


A traffic accident is an event that occurs on the road, which involves a vehicle user with a fellow user or doesn't that result in loss of life or material loss. This happens all over the world.

DKI Jakarta is the capital city and the largest city of Indonesia. In addition, Jakarta is also the center of government and economy. As the center of government and economy, Jakarta has a very high level of mobility every day. The high mobility is also directly proportional to the number of accidents that occur. Based on this data, we know that traffic accidents are still rife, especially in the capital city of DKI Jakarta. Traffic accidents often occur due to the negligence of the driver of the vehicle or the driver's lack of compliance with the regulations that have been set.

At the GIS Contest 2021 we want to create a map product which can detect where traffic accidents often occur. To minimalize the occurrence of traffic accidents, we visualize CCTV as spatial data to reduce traffic infraction in locations where traffic accidents often occur. In addition, we also visualize access from accident-prone locations to the nearest hospital to minimize casualties from accidents that occur.


a. Data

Figure 1. Data source from official portal data website of each Institution

Data source (Figure 1) from the Open Data Jakarta (data.jakarta.go.id), we can get CCTVs data, Hospitals Data sourced from Jakarta Province Government. For Jakarta’s area, we can get this data from GADM (gadm.org). Roads Data was obtained from Ina-Geoportal website which was published by BIG (The Geospatial Information Agency) as the liaison partner of the National Geospatial Information Network node. The accident data was obtained by using the Web Scraping technique.

b. Map

The map is the result of visualization of the data we obtained from the previous discussion points using web scraping data and product data. Our data visualization from data to become a map product is fully processed using the Supermap iDesktop application.

Import Jakarta Province Area and Roads Data

Execute Valitade Topology for Jakarta Province Area (2)


Add all data to the map


Create Thematic Map based on Road Classification

Change the style of each road


Change the symbol of Hospital

Change the symbol of CCTV


Create a Heat Map based on Accidents Data

Adjust the Heat Map

 Change the Layer Style of Jakarta Province Area (2)


Create Thematic Map of the name of each Municipality in Jakarta


Display all of Roads Data


Other Roads can be seen when the scale is more than 1:50.000


c. Layouting

Select the layout

Select the map that will be used


Change the Map view

Adjust the map scale and show the grid

Display of the scale and grid

Create Custome Legend

Add a description of ‘Accident Intensity’


Create Thematic Map to distinguish Jakarta Province and other

Change the colour for Jakarta Province and Other Province


Display the Inset Map

Create a Legend of the map


Adjust all part of the Legend


d. Analysis

Figure 84. Final Result of The Product

Based on the data processing using Supermap iDesktop, the final map which entitled Early Detection of Accident Location Using CCTV Databases and The Nearest Hospital in DKI Jakarta presents road data in the DKI Jakarta area, CCTV, Hospitals, and accident data. The accident rate is visualized in the form of a heat map with the color level approaching to red indicate the increased level of accidents in the area. Meanwhile, areas that are closer to blue indicate a low accident rate.


The map from data that has been processed using the Supermap iDesktop Software produces the quantity and location of CCTV, location of areas where accidents often occur, location of hospitals, and road access in the Jakarta. Results of data processing can identify areas that often occur in accidents and the lack of CCTV to monitoring traffic accidents. Moreover, the results of this data processing are in the form of road access to the nearest hospital from accidents which are expected to minimalized accidents that occur and make it easier for people who become a victim of accidents to find out the fastest access to the nearest hospital. This map can also help the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to add CCTV and hospitals in accident-prone areas. This product has never been produced by Local Government. Nowadays, the CCTV in Jakarta are still monitoring the area. So, its hard to detect an accident in real-time. Maybe in the future, the CCTV can detect an accident in real-time and the aid easily be done to the victim. Hopefully, this product will make a great traffic management in Jakarta. So, the idea of Jakarta Smart City will become true.

This work is the second-prize winner of the 19th SuperMap GIS Contest-Mapping Category.

University: Bandung Institute of Technology 

Instructors: Dr. Budhy Soeksmantono, S.T., M.T. 

Team leader: Arya Bima Makmunar Syamsi 

Team members: Bagaskoro Pamungkas, Cokro Santoso, Hazel Yordan Komara

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