SuperMap City Information Modeling Basic Platform Passed the Evaluation of CIM Software

12 Sept,2021

Recently, the "City Information Modeling (CIM) Basic Platform Software Evaluation" organized by China Association for Geographic Information System was launched, and many enterprises were involved in the evaluation.

It included the assessment of functions, application integration support and service capabilities of the CIM basic platform software and CIM application software.

SuperMap City Information Modeling (CIM) Basic Platform participated in this evaluation. SuperMap exhibited functions and conducted the test from six aspects, including data center, data fusion and governance, visualization and spatial analysis, data sharing and service, operation and maintenance center, and development interface, according to the requirements of the evaluation outline. The judges' panel believed that SuperMap CIM Basic Platform performs well on data management and secondary development which is fast and convenient, and demonstrates superior application in natural resources and ecological environment.

Combined with the concept of digital twins in smart city, SuperMap CIM Basic Platform bases itself on the information model of the whole process of urban planning, construction, management, features the key technologies of Geo-ETL spatial data management, distributed storage and retrieval engine, spatial-temporal bus, a new generation of 3D GIS, gathers and integrates urban multi-source heterogeneous data, and builds a city information model based on geographic entity. Through the digital twin data middle platform, SuperMap CIM Basic Platform forms the 3D digital base featuring whole space coverage, full cycle control, full business collaboration, and provides support for the city, park, station, community, and building.

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