New Progress of 3D GIS: New Edition of ContextCapture Spports SuperMap S3M Format

11 June,2021

Recently, Bentley officially released a new edition of its real scene 3D modeling software, ContextCapture Update18. This new version is fast, intelligent and stable, which improves the accuracy of real scene model, optimizes modeling workflow, and enhances user experience. In particular, it adds new features such as supporting the output of 3D data format S3M.

Contextcapture supports the output of real scene models in S3M format. The data can be directly loaded, displayed and processed on 3D GIS platforms through desktop, component, mobile and other multiple terminals without conversion. It can also be directly published as a service, loading and applying on 3D GIS platforms through WebGl and other multiple terminals. This greatly simplifies the application process of real scene model and enhances the convenience of real scene model application.

The S3M real scene model genrated by ContextCapture runs in SuperMap GIS platform

Tags: 3D GIS

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