Tripartite Agreement on GIS Education Between Etern, SuperMap, and Technological University of Panama

30 Mar,2022 Panama

On March 25, 2022, the agreement on Joint GIS Academy was signed at the Technological University of Panama (UTP). Mr. Héctor Montemayor, president of UTP, Mr. Han Jiachun, CEO of Etern Latin America, and Mr. Tian Wenyi, general manager of SuperMap Latin America signed the contract in a hybrid physical/virtual meeting.

Joint GIS Academy is established to make joint efforts in exploring frontier technologies, solving practical problems, and creating infinite possibilities for technology to lead the development of the industry with the basis of geographic information science and in combination with industry topics in specific scenarios, world-class software technologies, and knowledge exchange of various modes.

Based on the latest scientific research achievements of Geographic Information System (GIS), Joint GIS Academy connects the physical world and digital world and facilitates the construction of a better physical world with 3D digitalization.

Joint GIS Academy will give full play to the advantages of three parties: SuperMap has the cutting-edge GIS technology; Etern has the business needs of various industries around the world; UTP has the solid research foundation of GIS. Meanwhile, SuperMap provides GIS software licensing and training; Etern provides branch site and internship opportunities; UTP provides main site and talent.

Founded in 1978, Etern is China’s first private listed optical cable company. In 2018, Etern set up its Latin American regional headquarters in Panama, the first optical cable manufacturer to set up an office in Panama. During the past three years, Etern has won a reputation in many Latin American countries for its high-quality products and services.

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