Remarks of Partners: Smart Cities in Thailand—The Application to A Historical Site

18 Nov,2021

Smart Cities in Thailand—The Application to A Historical Site

Dr. Tarawut Boonlua


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Urban Design and Creative Arts, Mahasarakham University 

Dr. Tarawut Boonlua is an expert in the Smart City construction. He shared some of his reflections on some latest advancements of the Smart City in Thailand.

Since the launch of the policy of implementing the Smart City in Thailand, it is a great vision for governors, mayors, and stakeholders to develop their city both in public and private sectors. This innovative policy provides Thai organizations with a chance to find the right solution to implement the Smart City, as well as the limitation of understanding the whole architecture of Smart City. Research and Development Center for Smart City Solution (RDSC) has developed the Smart City in many real cases. SuperMap Technology is used as the main system for integrative big city’s data. We believe that smart city will partially contribute to a sustainable city, and SuperMap can provide the best solution for the Smart City in Thailand and other countries.


SuperMap has cooperated with Dr. Tarawut Boonlua in many cases. What inspirations will these cases bring to the Smart City construction in his opinion?

Numerous real cases have been conducted by RDSC in many cities. The Ancient Buddha's Relics Stupa Urban Planning Development: Phra That Phanom, the Northeast of Thailand is the first masterpiece through SuperMap Technology. City data and future development plan were prepared for submitting the Nomination File to UNESCO. We collected all city data such as ariel photo point could, 2D maps, 3D maps, street view, oblique photography, and all physical attributes. During the urban planning and urban design for the heritage town, we integrated data with SuperMap technology. The case of Phra That Phanom is an example of smart governance for managing urban development on the site. Recently, RDSC is developing Korat Smart City in Nakhon Ratchasima Province funded by Nakhon Ratchasima Municipal Office. We have already collected all city data integrated on the data center called “T-Survey” with SuperMap Technology such as 3D Map and City Information Dashboard. Furthermore, the project will develop Water Supply System, CCTV’s security System and Smart Urban Transportation. This project will be the pioneer case to show the reality of the Smart City in Thailand.

As a consultant of SuperMap in building bridges of cooperation with universities, Dr. Tarawut Boonlua proposed some suggestions on the cooperation between universities and GIS enterprises like SuperMap.

RDSC is a research institution in Mahasarakham University with the objective of implementing the Smart City in Thailand. We shoulder the responsibility of teaching, searching, and consulting for public and private organizations. Our research covers BIM+GIS, so we require cross-domain integration by using SuperMap GIS Platform in the Smart City. Our institution has a duty to transfer knowledge to our students on the Smart City development and will be a SuperMap Technology training center for public and private sectors. Finally, RDSC’s vision will be the leader of the Smart City Consulting for developing the real Smart City in Thailand.

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