SuperMap Attended Huawei's Eco-Partner Conference to Seek New Developments of Smart City

27 Mar,2019 China

From 21st to 22nd March, Huawei Eco-Partner Conference was held in the Fuzhou Strait International Conference & Exhibition Center with the theme of “Intelligent Evolution”. More than 20,000 industry elites, industry leaders, and partners gathered together to discuss the cutting-edge technologies and exchange business applications. Mr. Song Guanfu, President of SuperMap Group and Mr. Haitao Wang, Vice President SuperMap Group were invited to the conference

On the morning of 21st March, President Song and partners visited the main exhibition hall of the Conference and watched the several joint solutions in exhibition areas of industry + AI, digital platform, Huawei cloud, 5G, OpenLab, ecological partners with the business representatives of Huawei's BG Smart City. 

Mr. Song Guanfu, president of SuperMap Group and Mr. Wang Haitao, vice president of SuperMap Group visited the main exhibition hall

Later after the exhibition visit, SuperMap and Huawei executives had meeting on the cooperation of Smart City. Mr. Yi Fei, Director of Huawei Ecology and Cooperation and Development department, introduced the business positioning of Huawei's Smart City and the broad market in the future. Ms. Hu Yan, General Manager of SuperMap Strategic Partner Center, reviewed the ten-year journey between SuperMap and Huawei. Huawei and SuperMap reached the future cooperation consensus based on the technologies advantages of both sides. 

On the second day, the sub-forum of the conference introduced the solution around the Smart City, expounded the value brought by the city digital platform, and shared the application of the city solution in the government, real estate, education, chemical and other industries. During the meeting, the establishment ceremony of the smart city ecosphere was held. Mr. Wang Haitao participated in the ceremony as a representative of the SuperMap.

In the meeting of “Huawei Cloud Smart City, Win-Win in Smart Age", Mr. Wang Haitao participated in the launch ceremony and delivered a speech. He said that SuperMap and Huawei have jointly released a number of industry solutions since the cooperation in 2009. SuperMap and Huawei Cloud have been cooperating since 2014, and both parties have completed the good connection between GIS platform and cloud ecology now. In the next step, SuperMap will continue to collide with Huawei Cloud to create more sparks and realize more applications of solutions based on GIS advantages. In the future, SuperMap will work with Huawei and more partners to create more products and solutions that benefit the global users.


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