SuperMap and SPH Participate in 2019 Smart Geo Expo Korea

09 Aug,2019 Korea

On 7th August, the Smart Geo Expo 2019 Korea was opened in Seoul. By joining hands with SPH, SuperMap introduces the latest GIS technology and applications to global guests in it. As the event lasts three days, SuperMap and SPH will participate into the whole event, including: exhibitions, thematic reports, roadshow reports and business discussions.

At the International Showcase sub-forum, Ms. Evelyn Sun, Regional General Manager of SuperMap International introduced the overview of SuperMap company and displayed demo videos to showed five core technology systems of SuperMap, namely Big Data GIS, AI+GIS,3D GIS, Cloud GIS and cross-platform GIS to audiences.

Also, Mr. KyungSoo Yoo, Director of Business Department of SPH, made a report in the roadshow to show project cases based on SuperMap GIS technology for years. At the same time, he mentioned the technologies and the high-quality supportive services of SuperMap, which has important implications for the development and application of GIS technology in Korea.

In business zone, SuperMap introduced the company history and the main products, technologies and some typical industry cases to the government delegations from the Republic of Belarus, the People's Republic of Bangladesh and the Republic of Honduras. All of the guests showed a strong interest in cadastre management for their development needs in establishing and improving the cadastral management system inside the country.

As Asia is the first stop for SuperMap to go abroad, the recognition and trust of our partners is very important for us to form confident and set examples for further international road. Thanks to the great works of SPH within years in alliance with SuperMap and the great exchanging opportunity provided by Smart Geo Expo. In the future, SuperMap will continue to provide advanced technologies and products and strive to achieve better results in the Korean and Asian market.


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