SuperMap Participated into the GIS Training Program in Turkey

18 Jul,2019 Turkey

Having an ongoing focus on education, SuperMap joined hands with GEOGIS to conduct a Summer Internship Program in Turkey. The program provides 13 internship positions and training for students in major of Geomatics Engineering from five Turkish universities. In this program, SuperMap provides GIS software for students to use and to explore, as well as live and online supports. Also, we are very impressive to see the great works offered by GEOGIS and would like to express our sincere thanks to GEOGIS in making this meaningful project to gather SuperMap, GEOGIS and Turkish students together.

Also, SuperMap values every emerging power in GIS. We hold SuperMap GIS Contest every year, which provide chances and stages for students to shine. More information can be found on: You may kindly contact us via: +86-10-59896996,



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