Q: Why SSO failed after I configured CAS authentication server?

A: When the CAS authentication server and the GIS server are not on the same machine, the time difference between the two servers may result in the failure of log in. In this case, you need to adjust the time to be the same or extend the time tolerance. By default, the tolerance of iServer, iPortal, and iEdge is 3 minutes. You can change it through casRealm.tolerance (unit: ms):


casRealm.enabled = false

casRealm.reserveSystemAccount = true

casRealm.casServerUrlPrefix = http://{ip}:{port}/cas

casRealm.casService = http://{ip}:{port}/{contextPath}/shiro-cas

casRealm.securityInfoDAO = $sqliteRealm

casRealm.tolerance = 180000


20 Sep,2019

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