Q: What should I do if I forget the password of the administrator acount created when SuperMap iPortal was initialized?

A: There is a passwordreset.bat / passwordreset.sh file in [SuperMap iPortal_HOME]\bin directory, specifically used to deal with the situation that user forget the password of the administrator account created when the system was initialized. If you forget password, you can re-create the administrator account by performing the following operations:

(1) Stop SuperMap iPortal service, that is, execute shutdown.bat /shutdown.sh file in [SuperMap iPortal_HOME]\bin directory.
(2) Execute the passwordreset.bat /passwordreset.sh file.
(3) Restart SuperMap iPortal service, ie., execute startup.bat / startup.sh file in [SuperMap iPortal_HOME]\bin directory. When access the iPortal home page after the service starts, the system will automatically jump to interface of creating administrator account, then just re-create the administrator account. 

20 Sep,2019

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