Q: Restering iServer services proxied by nginx to iPortal, when enabling iPortal service proxy, some resources can't be accessed when accessing the proxied iServer service address. For example, when accessing map resource's rjson representation, the port number of the urls of some resources is not the port number of the iPortal service proxy, but the nginx's listening port. Why, and how to solve?

A: You need to modify the nginx configuration which proxies the iServer services, open the [nginx installation path]\conf\nginx.conf file, modify the proxy_set_header under the http node -> server node -> location node as follows:

server {


        location /iserver{

        #proxy_set_header Host $http_host;

        proxy_set_header ProxyHost $http_host; }


Change the $ host: port in proxy_set_header to $ http_host and restart nginx.

20 Sep,2019

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