Q: A "The 32bit support is missing. Please install the x86 compatibility packages required by your distribution and retry the installation. See the installation guide for more details.Aborting …" error happens on a Linux 64-bit OS when installing SuperMap License Center driver.

A: Linux 64-bit operating system lacks 32-bit support libraries. You need to install the related support libraries of 32 bit as follows maually, or you can also load the system disk to install the relevant libraries, or go to the corresponding operating system official website to obtain the relevant libraries to install.

  • libc6-i386 和 ia32-libs(Ubuntu)
  • libstdc++-devel.i686、glibc.i686、libgcc.i686、libstdc++.i686、glibc-devel.i686(RHEL、 CentOS、OpenSUSE、SLES and OES)
  • glibc-32bit(OpenSUSE、SLES and OES)

For operating systems of SUSE series 10.3 or later, Red Hat series 5.5 or later, iPortal provides a script file to help you install the above dependeny libraries. You only need to run the following command before starting iPortal service in [SuperMap iPortal installation directory]/SuperMapiPortal7C/support/SuperMap_License/Support:


20 Sep,2019

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