Q: Linux system does not have a graphical interface, how to configure the SuperMap iPortal 7C use license through the command line?

A: There are four steps to configure license through com.supermap.license.jar in the way of command lines:

(1) Set the Java environment variable, and set the directory of LD_LIBRARY_PATH as com.supermap.license.jar.



(2) Get the machine information. Enter SuperMapiPortal7C\Support\SuperMap_License directory, execute the following command with specifying the path where the generated local information file is stored, then a * .c2v file in the specified path will be generated.

java -jar com.supermap.license.jar -create /path/*.c2v

(3) Submit the local information to the Beijing SuperMap Software Co., Ltd.

Submit the local information file (* .c2v) generated by the above steps to Beijing SuperMap Software Co., Ltd., we will generate *. v2c official license file based on it and return to you, through which you can configure the official license.

(4) Make the license work. Place your *. v2c official license file into a specified location, execute the following command:

java -jar com.supermap.license.jar -update /pathName/*.v2c

Besides, you can execute java -jar com.superamp.license.jar -help to view the related commands about license. 

20 Sep,2019

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