Q: Port occupancy error occurs when starting SuperMap iPortal service, which causes iPortal service to fail to start. How to solve?

A: SuperMap iPortal package are deployed in Tomcat by default, Tomcat uses the 8090, 8015 ports by default, if any of the ports are occupied, you can not start the normal service. You can this problem in two ways below:

(1) Quit the program that takes the port and restart SuperMap iPortal. Currently known procedures that may occupy 8090 port are: The automatic upgrade program of 360 anti-virus software.

(2) Modify the Tomcat port number in SuperMap iPortal package and restart SuperMap iPortal. Go to % SuperMap iPortal_HOME% / conf / server.xml, modify the related ports in it, such as:

20 Sept,2019
Tags: iPortal

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