Q: How can I change the DPI while generating map cache with SuperMap iDesktop 8C?

A: Find SuperMap.xml under the bin folder of the installation path, and find the CustomDPIEnable node in the SuperMap.xml file. Control whether to enable the user-defined DPI values with the value of true or false, with true indicating enabling the user-defined DIP values and false indicating disabling the user-defined DPI values. The default is true.

Custom DPI value in the horizontal direction, with the default value 96.

Custom DPI value in the vertical direction, with the default value 96.

The two parameters CustomDPIX and CustomDPIY need to be used together. The two parameters are new ones optimized from the original CustomMapRatioX and CustomMapRatioY parameters. If you wan to use the new CustomDPIX and CustomDPIY parameters to achieve the default map display effect of the original parameters, you need to change both parameter values to 76.2.

08 July,2019
Tags: iDesktop

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