Q: Why did the pipelines disappear after setting the color field for the 3D custom thematic map?

A: That is because the color values specified are not correct. The color value is from RGB. Firstly covert RGBA corresponding to the color from decimal to hexadecimal (A indicates the transparency). After the conversion is completed, connect the results in the order of ABGR, and combine the result from hexadecimal to decimal. The result is the color value. For the orange color with the RGB value (255, 165, 0) as an instance, we need to convert decimal values to hexadecimal values: R-->FF, G-->A5, B-->00, A-->FF, and then combine the result to get FF00A5FF. Finally, convert the hexadecimal value to decimal value 4278232575.

08 July,2019
Tags: iDesktop

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