Q: How can I display part of the imagery dataset with SuperMap iDesktop 8C?

A: You can specify a region dataset for Visible Bounds in [Image Properties] of [Properties] of the image dataset to display the imagery dataset within the bounds of the region dataset specified.

1.      What should I do if some of the labels of the point data in the published map service cannot display completely?

A: If it is a point is on the boundary of the dataset, the label of the point will exceed the boundary of the dataset if the label is too long because the label itself occupies a certain range of circumscribed rectangle. Therefore, after the map is published, the part of label goes beyond the boundary of the dataset will be intercepted. To solve this problem, draw some points beyond the boundary of the dataset after setting the layer for the dataset editable to expand the dataset boundary, and then delete the points. After that, when you publish the map, the problem will be solved.

08 July,2019
Tags: iDesktop

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