Q: How can I connect to the PostgreSQL database on the remote server with iDesktop to create datasource and open datasource?

A: (1) Copy the dependent libraries of postgre (libeay32.dll, libiconv-2.dll, libintl-8.dll, libpq.dll, ssleay32.dll) to the bin folder of the iDesktop installation directory. Please note that the dependent libraries you copy and iDesktop must either both be 32 bit or 64 bit. The purpose of copying the dependent libraries to the Bin folder is to activate the commands for opening and creating datasources. 

(2) Modify the value of listen_addresses in the postgresql.conf configuration file to “”. In the version of Windows9.0, the value of the item is already “”, which does not need any modification. (Under the PostgreSQL\9.3\data directory)

(3) Add the following configuration under the row of “host all all md5” in the pg_hba.conf configuration file, or directly modify the row to “host all all md5”. If you do not want remote access by all IPs, you can set in the above settings to specified IP values.

08 July,2019
Tags: iDesktop

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